Pokemon Shuffle - content update for April 17th, 2018

- Week 10 of the event cycle continues the Pokémon Safari from last week
- the Ultra Challenge Stage is a stage for Ho-Oh (Shiny)
- the Great Challenge Stages are Raichu (Alolan), Armaldo, Shaymin Sky Forme, Mudsdale & Oranguru
- the Daily Pokémon are Oricorio P'au Style, Alolan Grimer, Dewpider, Alolan Sandshrew & Brionne
- there's a One Chance Per Day stage for Tornadus
- there's a Special stage for Tyranitar (Shiny)
- Diancie Escalation Battle which will run for two weeks

Categories: Portables, Mobile
Tags: 3ds, eshop, pokemon, mobile


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