Nintendo gives hope for new Wave Race on Switch

Shinya Takahashi just shared a few words that will put some big smiles on the faces of Nintendo fans. At the BAFTAs, Fandom asked Mr. Takahashi if there was any chance we could see the Wave Race franchise return on Switch. His answer is as follows.

“You may see that game again. We have been trying to make many games and that may be one of them … I personally love Wave Race!”

Wouldn't that be one hell of a reveal for this year's E3? Let's cross our fingers and toes tightly for this one. I'm dying for a trip back to Dolphin Park!

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Please yes. I have long wondered why this franchise was left to die on the vine. I still remember playing WaveRace 64 on launch day back in ‘96. That game was a revelation. I’d never felt physics like that in a game before. Now I own it on VC for Wii and Wii U. What a game.

Tue Apr 17 18 04:06pm
Rating: 2

I hope this is true, I love Wave Race. It seems ideal for the Switch, particularly HD rumble or even the "Motorbike" Toy-Con.

And Ayumi Stewart...

We all know Kimishima's plan by now.

Tue Apr 17 18 05:18pm
Rating: 1

Don't ask Miyamoto about it. He'll probably tell you they need to find a new, suitable controller interface in order to make it. Probably a factor why Star Fox Zero ended up the way that it did.

Yup and one of the reasons why there hasn't been an F-Zero game in over a decade.

At least he brought star fox back on air. Also why should he be asked about it if he isn't the one that did F-Zero?

Cool to see them (at least interested in) digging into some more obscure properties a bit.

Custom Robo next maybe? I can dream!

Ok..what about F-Zero which has been still in demand?

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