Suda51 on Travis Strikes Again using unique Switch features, motion controls likely required, and the future of the series

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with Suda51...

NL: We’ve noticed you’ve done everything to take advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s hardware, is there anything else that we haven’t yet seen that uses the Switch’s unique capabilities?

S51: We’re actually still thinking about what else we could put in the game, and we’re hoping to base it off a lot of user feedback from these events, so we’re listening to what people want, what they don’t want, and we’re hoping to use that to make the game even better.

NL: We noticed when playing that motion controls are required to recharge the players’ weapons. Is there an alternative or is it too important a part of the overall game experience?

S51: We’re still working on various elements of the game, but I’m pretty confident that we’re not going to have an option to switch the motion controls off. We really want to utilise the Switch hardware as much as possible in any way we can. I’m confident we can make the motion controls smooth enough so that even those that aren’t fans of it will be able to at least accept it.

NL: ...Is this the last we’ll see of Travis or does he have an exciting future ahead of him?

S51: Our wish right now is that should Travis Strikes Again be successful, it’ll allow us to create actual numbered sequels in the No More Heroes series, so to answer your question we want Travis to go on for many more years.

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Tue Apr 17 18 07:26pm
Rating: 5

That's like me saying that I was hoping we'd have moved on from sports games by now; just because it isn't your thing doesn't mean it shouldn't be available for those who would enjoy it.

Come on suda, it's going to be no fun shaking the entire system in portable mode :p

Tue Apr 17 18 07:12pm
Rating: 1

I was hoping we would have moved on from required motion controls by now

Tue Apr 17 18 07:26pm
Rating: 5

That's like me saying that I was hoping we'd have moved on from sports games by now; just because it isn't your thing doesn't mean it shouldn't be available for those who would enjoy it.

He is saying forced motion controls. I don't think he mind it being in there as long as button are an option as well.

Tue Apr 17 18 09:10pm
Rating: 2

I know what he's saying, and I'm saying that there's nothing wrong with a game including motion controls, even "forced" motion controls. If he doesn't like them he's welcome not to play such games, but he's not welcome to have all such games removed from the market.

Wed Apr 18 18 08:59am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Exactly. It's like wishing Voez (a rhythm game that is controlled through the touch screen) would have button controls. Or heck, if we go back further in time, something like Elite Beat Agents. Some games are just designed around a particular mechanic or control type, and there's nothing wrong with that.

That said, I don't know how integral the motion controls are to the experience here and how unfeasible it would be to add button controls as an option. (If I recall correctly, button controls were added to Voez at a later point after heavy request.) If it is possible, I do think it's a good idea to add button controls, but I definitely also believe in games that just control in a particular way

I feel the same way. I had hoped developers wouldn't do this crap again. Give us options please.

As much as I liked the motion controls in NMH 1 & 2, it made sense back then with the Wii Remote. Shaking the whole system while playing on handheld mode, though...

Lol no. Motion control gimmicks need to die in a burning grave after the damage they caused and how the few new games that manage to do them right have to be careful as they pick up the pieces. Making it mandatory, especially in a game that doesn't seem like it would need them at all (unless there's a tilting minigame like in BOTW, which was a case I understood and one of said examples) is just a dumb idea, especially since the switch is a handheld. Does he want me to jerk my switch up and down as if I'm playing the drums like that guy at E3 2008?

If by damaged caused you mean get a bunch on non-gamers, including my family, into gaming that I am very glad of the damaged they have caused.

Wed Apr 18 18 03:18am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Do you guys talking about shaking the system in handheld mode ever consider the possibility that maybe the game wasn't made for handheld mode in mind? The Switch may be a hybrid system, but that doesn't mean developers need to design games like its both a handheld and a console... they could make games like the Switch is one or the other.

Just as there are likely to be games that only work in handheld mode (there's at least one that I know of) there's likely to be games that only work in console mode...

I was thinking of Voez. Now I am curious, is that the one you had in mind as well?

No... I was thinking of a different game. I don't recall the name, but i's a life sim of some sort... I think. It was apparently only released in Japan due to it being handheld mode only.

If motion controls are well implemented I love them. But when forced, they get annoying..But I think Goichi san can do this part well Smile


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