Sonic Mania Plus - a few new details

As you might have heard, Sonic Mania Plus accidentally leaked out today on PS4. An update went live, and those who were on their PS4 at the time were lucky enough to grab it. Now we know a few more details about Sonic Mania Plus that weren't revealed before.

- all the levels have cutscene transitions now
- one boss fight has been revamped
- use unlockable abilities like the Insta-Shield, Peel-Out, etc., on Save Game files
- disable the time limit for stages from the options menu

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I bet it was the Hydrocity boss that Knuckles can't reach. Frustrating as hell since his jumping abilities aren't great.

Nope...sorry, wasn't that.

I would wager a guess on either flying battery or studiopolius. Possibly Chemical plant.

I was thinking Green Hill or Press Garden. Maybe Mirage Saloon or Oil Ocean. Possibly Lava Reef, Metallic Madness, or Titanic Monarch

It was done to Stardust Speedway.

Tue Apr 17 18 06:36pm
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Unlockable abilities in normal playthroughs will be super radical hardcore gnarly.

They took probably the most boring boss in the game and made it a million times better. Like, this update has gotten rid of most of my grievances with the game, and they were small to begin with!

Hah SEGA like we know them. Giving us Yakuza 5 as a PlayStation Plus title at a time where it wasn‘t supposed too, releasing the full version of Yakuza 6 in the US instead the demo version one month before it‘s actually release. And now the mistake with the Sonic Mania Update. Could be an incompetent person at Sony though (don‘t know if a publisher is the one who pushes the button for digital content or if they have to submit it to Sony).

Anyway, a few interesting additions. Glad they included an option to remove the annoying time limit. Especially in the last level it had almost gave me a rage quit. It‘s always good to have an option.

- disable the time limit for stages from the options menu

One of the comfiest games of 2017 becomes that much comfier.


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