Limited Run Games opening preorders for Mercenary Kings and Flinthook on April 23rd, 2018

Two more games well worth your time, and soon enough you'll have the option to go with retail versions! I'm sure these preorders are going to get snatched up soon, so make sure you're ready on the 23rd to place your order!

Thanks to Jabel47591 for the heads up!

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Oof, 7 AM is not a good time for me, but damn I want Mercenary Kings.

If you don't want that "Special Edition" than you don't have to worry. It's a open pre-order again :D

Thu Apr 19 18 10:32am
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Just to clarify: the Treasure Box edition is the only one that's first-come, first-serve. The individual copies of Flinthook and Mercenary Kings will be an open pre-order, just like Thimbleweed Park.

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