Ian Flynn discusses the difference between Archie and IDW's Sonic comic books

A portion of a GamingBoulevard interview with Ian Flynn, writer on the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series...

GB: Last year, Sega of America ended a 24 year partnership with Archie that led to the cancellation of their properties. However, IDW picked up Sonic with the first issues now arriving in stores. What can fans, or newcomers, expect from IDW’s version of Sonic that may differ from Archie’s?

IF: My last few years with the old run were front-loaded with world building and lore. It was focused on rebuilding the sense of scale and scope that the old continuity had; recreating the feel of a 15-year-old universe within one or two. With IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog, we’re starting out much more streamlined. The action and adventure are at the forefront. It’s a brand new take on the series, so the initial world building is the foundation – who Sonic is, who his friends are, what their world is like and what the stakes are. We’ll be building from there, of course, but it’s a very streamlined beginning to the narrative.

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The comic has been off to a nice start so far. It seemed like a weird choice to kick off the series taking place after the events of Sonic Forces, but I'm definitely curious to see where it goes.

I think it could also greatly benefit the Modern Sonic games themselves if they took some narrative cues from the comics. Forces tried, but the plot felt so inconsequential and underdeveloped, on top of the mediocre gameplay...

So far the comics have been good, and I like that they're basically canon considering they take place after Forces and after the Forces comics, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't missing the characters introduced post-reboot in the Archie-verse, characters like Clove and the various other "Egg Bosses" as that was a concept that had never really been used before. Plus, I really miss the basic Freedom Fighting crew, like I was never a huge fan of Antonie or Rotor, but I did like Sally and Bunnie a lot and it's a shame that they're literally in nothing.

Really though, why can't Sega hire these guys to write stories for the main games?


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