More evidence of a Switch port for Paladins surfaces

This isn't the first time we've heard rumblings of Paladins coming to Switch, but today we have more concrete info than ever before. This all comes from a datamine for the latest update to the game. It seems the dev team is calling the Switch version by the codename "Oasis" for now. In the datamined info, we see multiple mentions of an "Oasis Account", but that's in English. When you look at all the other language options, you can see the same detail listed as a Nintendo Account. If that's not some hardcore proof that the game is heading to Switch, I don't know what is!

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Sat Apr 21 18 10:20pm
Rating: 1

awesome cant wait to play paladins on the switch Smile

Sat Apr 21 18 11:07pm
Rating: 2

Since Overwatch does not appear anywhere on the horizon, I'll happily settle for this (haven't played either game).
Isn't Paladins free-to-play? I know there are cosmetic purchases, but hopefully that's it for real world currency (reeaaally hope weapons/ items/ whatever can't be purchased to give those who pay an advantage--would honestly just prefer a flat fee upfront, yo)

Sun Apr 22 18 06:50am
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I've played Paladins for a long time, and there is no real advantage you can get from paying money. For a few months, there used to be a mechanic that was introduced that would give paying players more of an advantage (think lootboxes that you can buy with money and contain character upgrades), but that's gone now.

I don't keep track of Paladins much lately, but there will be a new thing this coming patch called the Battle Pass, but not really sure what that entails. It at least seems to replace the previous "VIP" system that allowed people to buy cosmetics directly in rotation among a few other things like experience boosters. (Account level does not affect any sort of in-game stats)

Exactly what I was hoping to hear! Thanks for the response :D

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