Dragon Quest Builders 2 - new info on story, evolved building elements (plus screens)

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■ Story

The corrupt cleric Hargon and the God of Destruction Malroth were defeated, and a short period of peace came upon the world. However, the threat of the “Hargon Order” was reemerging upon the world!

The Hargon Order, which plans to destroy the world, was trying to eradicate the Builders, whose power to build things make them an enemy in the Order’s eyes.

◆ Vacant Island

A mysterious stone monument on the Vacant Island! You can become a Master Builder by overcoming its trials!?

The “Vacant Island” is an uninhabited island where the protagonist drifts ashore following a certain event. The protagonist and the boy Malroth will make base on this island and refine the protagonist’s building skills while expanding the range that they can explore. Before long, the protagonist will discover a mysterious stone monument and stone pillars via the guidance of a mysterious voice.

—A mysterious voice guides the protagonist.
—The protagonist discovers a mysterious stone monument atop a small mountain.

It is said that if you overcome the trials engraved here, you will become a “Master Builder,” but could that really be…!?

—Builder trials are engraved on stone pillars located throughout the island.
—You can become a Master Builder by overcoming the trials?

■ World

◆ Evolved Building

An introduction to some of Dragon Quest Builders 2‘s evolved building elements.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 has evolved in various areas. It has been made easier to play, and you can enjoy building things like never before. The following is an introduction to some of those evolutions. As for what you can do, use your imagination!

—Build up to 100 floors high to make a tower that reaches the sky.
–Have water flow off steep cliffs.
—Swim underwater.
—Glide with the wind mantle.
—Dash to move at high speed.
—Make diagonally-shaped blocks to create new designs.
—Play from the protagonist’s perspective (first-person)


I love that map!

I wonder if 100 floors high was a mistranslation. 100 blocks high seems more reasonable. That being said, I cringe to think of the damage falling from that height will do!

I also hope that they improve the mapping algorithms of the NPCs so that they can find their way up and down the stairs in more complex buildings. Smile


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