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I really hope this does well. I want more of Ubisoft games on Switch that aren't kid oriented.

The Switch audience seem to be taking all genres of games, so you might have luck on this one ;)

Mon Apr 23 18 11:34am
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I think it will. Nintendo's audience is more diverse than people think.

I whole-heartedly agree, but now it’s time for that diverse audience to continue opening their wallets and support games not plublished by Nintendo.

I'm hopeful. We've already seen lots of game that aren't Nintendo published have done well on Switch so far. My only complaint is that I wanted them to bring over Stick Of Truth too.

Mon Apr 23 18 12:07pm
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The only reason I might not get it is because I still have my copy on PS4 that is unfinished. If the Switch version came with Stick of Truth, I'd have double dipped, but I can't justify a full purchase of one game when the PS4 came with two full games


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