Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - resolution/framerate detailed

I know some people are quite interested in resolution and framerate details for their games, and thanks to Digital Foundry's analysis of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Switch, we have those details for you.


- 1080p
- 60fps


- 648p
- 60fps

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Good, good. 60FPS is key for this game and for them to lower it would have been an idiotic move. This is the way most switch ports should handle their downgrades for handheld mode, IMO.

Weird; I would have guessed they could get 720p, 60 fps handheld without much trouble. I mean that is what it ran at on Wii U and Switch is more powerful... Not a really big deal but I'm surprised.

Tue Apr 24 18 05:51pm
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maybe it has to do with the game being a port?

Perhaps but not out of necessity; it would mean it was not as good a port as it could have been. I believe other games like Mario Kart 8 deluxe have held at 720p 60fps while in handheld mode. And without looking everything up if I recall correctly other games like Bayonetta 2 have seen improvements as well. None of this is to say I think this is important but I was surprised to see it.

People say that it could be to prevent heating

Tropical Freeze probably wouldn't be the same game with too much heating. Makes sense to me Smile

Dang that ice-cold tropical freeze heat!

Why even bother with the p annotation after resolution?

Because they're not talking about interlaced.

I'm not aware of any current games that are interlaced why even make the distinction at all?


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