Octopath Traveler - Japanese cover art

Everything about this game is absolutely gorgeous. I can't get enough of the in-game visuals, or the promotional art. This gets nomination for one of the prettiest Switch game boxes yet, if not the best one! Let's hope Square-Enix keeps most of this unchanged for the NA/EU release.

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It''s box art like this that makes me hate that garish red square in the top corner even more.

This better come to the West too. We just have a plain black cover with the game's name on it right now.

Oh, look, Japan gets a real box art while we're stuck with minimalistic crap.

(It's so freaking beautiful, btw. I need it.)

Right, but when we complain about a minimalistic/basic icon we are suddenly crybabies!
(Gorgeous cover art by the way!)

I cannot believe people are thinking the placeholder box stores are using the the west boxart... C'mon, people, WTF

Many Final Fantasy games just had the logo on a white or black background. Also the icon for the demo is really minimalistic too, so there's plenty of precedent.

Luckily they already revealed the Western covers and they're keeping the artwork, so there's nothing to worry about! :D

I wonder if it really was just a placeholder or they listened to feedback.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the US cover art will be. If anything, the game could just have reversible cover art to please everyone.


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