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Ballads of Hyrule Offers Majestic Spin on The Legend of Zelda

by rawmeatcowboy
25 April 2018
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SEATTLE - April 25, 2018 - Materia Collective is thrilled to announce Ballads of Hyrule, a collection of orchestral arrangements from The Legend of Zelda series, envisioned as an adventurous night walk across the lands of Hyrule. Ballads of Hyrule makes for a perfect companion to 2017's smash-hit Sins of Hyrule album, which provided an epic retelling the mythology of The Legend of Zelda. Ballads of Hyrule is licensed and available for pre-order ahead of the May 1, 2018 release in digital and CD formats as well as limited edition vinyl:

Ballads of Hyrule Pre-Order on Bandcamp

Ballads of Hyrule includes several fan-favorite tracks from across the series, such as "Song of Storms" and "Zelda's Lullaby" from Ocarina of Time, "Ballad of the Windfish" from Link's Awakening, "Outset Island" and "Dragon Roost Island" from Wind Waker, and "Kass's Theme" from Breath of the Wild." The full track list for Ballads of Hyrule is as follows:

01. Fairy's Tears
02. Ballad of the Windfish
03. Lost in the Wind
04. Sheik's Devotion
05. Kass's Theme
06. Moonlit Stroll on Dragoon Roost Island
07. Zora's Domain
08. Serenade of Water
09. Kakariko Village
10. Stables ~ Epona
11. Come Visit From Time to Time
12. Song of Storms
13. Nayru's Love
14. Din's Fire
15. Farore's Wind

"Ballads of Hyrule is the spiritual antithesis to Sins of Hyrule," explains arranger Rozen. "The goal is to draw you into the more contemplative side of the lands of Hyrule; a nocturnal walk that feeds on the gifts left by the three goddesses: Nayru, Farore and Din, captured in nature."

The album will also ship on a 4-panel digipak CD and limited edition vinyl. The vinyl will sport beautiful artwork and a sleek white record that will be limited to only 500 units that will ship Q3 2018.

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