GameTech releases Switch cooling fan

- designed to attach to the back of the Switch dock
- powered by connecting the USB cable to any of the dock’s USB ports
- features a power button to turn it on or off

I would love to know how loud this fan is, and how much of a difference it makes in temperature. I can't imagine too many people out there are worried about Switch cooling to this degree, but maybe I'm wrong.

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Wed Apr 25 18 06:25pm
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You could just open the back up. I never thought about the fact that there are vents on the back as well as the top in terms of docked mode.

Wed Apr 25 18 06:56pm
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Hope no one buys these things. They often overheat the device rather than help it

Indeed. I don't see this doing anything for the actual airflow for the Switch, and the thing itself will produce heat right against the dock...

If you go to the amazon link there's a picture indicating air flow direction. That's not a good sign when they don't know how the product their selling works; air should be carried out not in. Interesting product itself but not for the purpose that's advertised.


In this case one of the air intakes of the Switch is behind that panel. So what this does is simply attempt keep the air behind the back panel as cool as possible. (instead of sucking from the exhaust which is on top of the console.)

I don't think it'll be that effective though.. Since the Switch is moving air from there anyway.. It might move radiant heat coming through the dock away making the air slightly cooler..

Adding an external cooling fan to the Switch is a bit tricky really...

Thu Apr 26 18 08:11am
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Ah, I forgot the exhaust is on top. You're right about it just attempting to keep air behind it for it to cool. Definitely an odd product for what they're selling it for and like you said a bit tricky to add such.

When the Switch launched I remember watching videos of people try to overheat their Switches by covering entirely with a blanket and it just goes into an overheat protection mode. I'm not concerned at all

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