Nintendo 4th Quarter Consolidated Results FY3/2018 - Switch at 17.79 million sold (million sellers, revenue, and much more)

Q3 Forecast results

- Switch hardware forecast increased to 15M from 14M which was revised upward from 10M originally
- Switch software forecast increased to 53M units from 50M which was revised upward 35M originally

Consolidated results

Net Sales: (FYTD)

- ¥1,055,682 million (~$ billion),- 115.8% increase YoY

Operating Income: (FYTD)

- ¥177,557 million (~$ billion), 504.7% increase YoY

Profit: (FYTD)

- ¥139,590 million (~$ billion), 36.1% increase YoY


- 2.92 million for the quarter/
- 15.05 million FYTD /
- 17.79 million LTD


- 16.41 million for the quarter/
- 63.51 million FYTD
- 68.97 million LTD
(Only counts Digital software that has a retail version)


- 0.54 million for the quarter/
- 6.4 million FYTD/
- 72.53 million LTD


- 4.39 million for the quarter/
- 35.64 million FYTD/
- 364.89 million LTD

Smart Device, IP related income

- ¥10,219 million (~$ million) for the quarter/
- ¥39,320 million (~$ million) FYTD

Nintendo's earnings share from Pokémon GO (Share of profit of entities accounted for using equity method:)

- ¥1,672 million (~$ million) for the quarter/
- ¥10,318 million (~$ million) FYTD

(Smart Device, IP related income for all of FY3/2017 was: ¥24,250 million and Income from Pokémon Go for all of FY3/2017 was: ¥20,271 million)

Switch Hardware shipments WW LTD

- Japan - 4.38 million
- The Americas - 7.14 million
- Other - 6.27 million

Switch Hardware shipments WW LTD by %:

- Japan - 25%
- The Americas - 40%
- Other - 35%

Top selling title sales units as of December 31st, 2017 () - denotes sales units for the quarter

Super Mario Odyssey

- Quarter: 1.34 million units
- LTD: 10.41 million units

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

- Quarter: 1.89 million units
- LTD: 9.22 million units

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

- Quarter: 1.78 million units
- LTD: 8.48 million units

Splatoon 2

- Quarter: 1.11 million units
- LTD: 6.02 million units


- Quarter: 0.41 million units
- LTD: 2.29 million units


- Quarter: 0.24 million units
- LTD: 1.85 million units

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

- Quarter: 0.25 million units
- LTD: 1.31 million units

Kirby Star Allies

- Quarter: 1.26 million units
- LTD: 1.26 million units

Mario Kart 7

- Quarter: .28 million units
- LTD: 16.76 million units

Pokémon X/Y

- Quarter: 0.03 million units
- LTD: 16.29 million units
Pokémon Sun/Moon

- Quarter: 0.05 million units
- LTD: 16.10 million units

Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

- Quarter: 0.12 million units
- LTD: 14.06 million units

New Super Mario Bros. 2

- Quarter: 0.18 million units
- LTD: 12.61 million units

Super Mario 3D Land

- Quarter: 0.19 million units
- LTD: 11.96 million units

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

- Quarter: 0.10 million units
- LTD: 11.69 million units

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

- Quarter: 0.08 million units
- LTD: 9.24 million units

Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon

- Quarter: 0.34 million units
- LTD: 7.51 million units

Tomodachi Life

- Quarter: 0.06 million units
- LTD: 6.2 million units

Mario Kart 8

- LTD: 8.4 million units

New Super Mario Bros. U

- LTD: 5.75 million units

Super Mario 3D World

- LTD: 5.75 million units

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

- LTD: 5.32 million units

Nintendo Land

- LTD: 5.19 million units


- LTD: 4.91 million units

Super Mario Maker

- LTD: 3.99 million units

New Super Luigi U

- LTD: 3.02 million units

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

- LTD: 2.25 million units

Mario Party 10

- LTD: 2.16 million units

Million seller units for the FY by geographical breakdown:

Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Odyssey

Japan - 1.91M units
Overseas - 8.5M units
Global LTD - 10.41M units

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Japan - 1.68M units
Overseas - 7.54M units
Global LTD - 9.22M units

Splatoon 2

Japan - 2.61M units
Overseas - 3.41M units
Global LTD - 6.02M units

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Japan - 0.70M units
Overseas - 5.01M units
Global LTD - 8.48M units


Japan - 0.47M units
Overseas - 1.38M units
Global LTD - 1.85M units

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Japan - 0.31M units
Overseas - 1.01M units
Global LTD - 1.31M units

Kirby Star Allies

Japan - 0.5M units
Overseas - 0.75M units
Global LTD - 1.26M units

Pokken Tournament DX

Japan -
Overseas - 1.16
Global LTD - 1.16M

Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon

Japan - 2.44M units
Overseas - 5.07M units
Global LTD - 7.51M units

Mario Kart 7

Japan - 0.15M units
Overseas - 1.67M units
Global LTD - 17.04M units

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Japan - 0.05M units
Overseas - 1.28M units
Global LTD - 12.61M units


- 10.30 million figures sold this fiscal year
- 5.8 million card sales this fiscal year

Projections for hardware/software sales in the next fiscal year (projecting 20 million Switch units sold)

The results for this fiscal year show a very positive trend in global hardware sales for Nintendo Switch, which sold a total of 15.05 million units during this fiscal year. On the software end, Super Mario Odyssey has been a major hit with audiences worldwide, and sold 10.41 million units. This is in addition to 9.22 million units sold for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and 6.02 million units sold for Splatoon 2, bringing the total number of million-seller titles during this fiscal year to 12, including the titles of other software publishers. The combined software sales results for this fiscal year reached 63.51 million units.

Nintendo 3DS hardware sales remained solid in each region even after the launch of Nintendo Switch, with sales during this fiscal year reaching 6.40 million units. For the Nintendo 3DS software, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon sold 7.51 million units, while overall sales for this fiscal year totaled 35.64 million units.

Turning to our digital business for dedicated video game platforms, digital sales were very good, especially on Nintendo Switch, which brought digital sales (see note) to a combined total of 60.8 billion yen (87% increase on a year-on-year basis).

Meanwhile, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition proved to be a hit in every region, with sales totaling 5.28 million units, and we grew amiibo sales compared to the previous fiscal year, with approximately 10.30 million figures sold, while card sales hit approximately 5.80 million units.

In our smart-device business, we released Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp during this fiscal year to join Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, which have both been available since before the start of the fiscal year. These applications are being enjoyed by many consumers globally. Our smart devices and IP related income was 39.3 billion yen (62% increase on a year-on-year basis).


So much numbers. It'll take a while to go through all of this.

Switch still selling like a demon.

Mario Odyssey selling more than Mario Kart 8 and Breath of the Wild despite releasing well after them. Huge success for that game.

Surprised 3ds is still chugging along with respectable sales, all things considered. But I'm not complaining; I'll keep supporting the system as long as interesting games keep coming. But I think they mostly just want to capitalize on the existing library.

Actually sales of Switch has slowed down considerably, the Switch has sold nearly 18 million but less than 3 million for last quarter. It's still very good and this time of year is always quiet.

Amazing performance all around. Mario Kart 8 is just a beast. Almost 8 million sold on Wii U and now over 9 million sold on Switch. Mario Odyssey has some amazing sales for a game that came out late last year.

Switch is doing great. Good to see. Pokemon and Smash will push sales even further.

I knew that the Switch would hit a 15-20 million. If my cards play right, it should sell 35 million by the end of this year if Nintendo pulls this year off.


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