KORG Gadget lacks export feature, MIDI support, touch for piano roll/knobs/sliders

KORG Gadget is available on the Switch in the states today, and it seems there are some missing features that have quite a few people upset. Turns out the game doesn't feature the ability to export your creations. You can always hook up a cable to the headphone jack or record via HDMI recording, but it's not quite as simple as the export feature in other versions. Furthermore, the app doesn't feature any MIDI support, and there's no touch support for the piano roll, knobs, or sliders. KORG hasn't said whether these features will be added in the future.

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The lack of touch support really bugs me but i didn't expect the other features.

At the VERY LEAST you should be able to export your music. People shouldn't have to settle for the audio quality that passes through their headphone jack when trying to get their music off of their Switch.

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