Nintendo shares details on the public reaction to Nintendo Labo thus far

Coming from Nintendo's financial briefing...

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Thu Apr 26 18 09:48pm
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I don't get why the core gamer has to go out of their way to show distaste for this. It's clearly not for their demographic. I'm totally into tabletop games but I'm not gonna rag on Hasbro for releasing a Paw Patrol matching game for 4 year olds. It's just not for me.

Not justifying it, but I feel it has to do with the fact that no 'core' games are coming out around this time, and that makes it feel like Nintendo is saying this is what should solve the drought for them

Completely agree. Idiot "core" gamers are a cancer. Doesn't matter if it's good and kids and families will love it. If it's not for them, they feel entitled to complain about it. Don't understand this mentality at all. Kind of pisses me off. The Switch has over 500-600 games available to play. If you are having a hard time finding something to play, then you're a moron. I have so many games I haven't even gotten to yet. Still trying to get to Xenoblade 2 and several others. But, I'm playing multiple games at a time and have no time for those other games, yet.

I love all the stories and videos of parents and their kids enjoying Labby together. It does have that Nintendo magic about it. If I had kids, I would probably want to get this for them, even though I fully expect that for most of them the interest will be short lived. The projects are a one and done, and the games are so simple that how could you return to them over and over? It may be a bit expensive for the experience offered.

The Toy Con Garage could be an entirely different story. If kids get hooked on creating things with that it could be a great value and offer creative long term enjoyment. But most reviews barely touch on it. I'm not sure if they are doing Labby a disservice by doing that or if the Toy Con Garage is just really limited and disappointing.

I feel that it's the opposite, that it's because it's too complex and need to much creativity to be really reviewed. Most reviewer need to play dozens of games each month. They can't play a whole week creating a full band of instrument or even creative uses of the available Toy-Con.


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