Nintendo details sales of Kirby Star Allies and Bayonetta 2

Coming from Nintendo's financial briefing...

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Thu Apr 26 18 10:12pm
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That Switch effect. Goes to show how well games can sell jumping from the least popular console in their history to the quickest selling one. I can't blame Nintendo for the Wii U ports looking at sales of MK8 and Bayonetta here. Lots of potential new buyers. Tropical Freeze and Hyrule Warriors will likely do very well. I want to see Fatal Frame 5, XBX, and the Wonderful 101 get another shot on Switch.

Bayonetta deserves much better sales than that...

True that, but remember the first sold some 1,5-2 mill combined on the PS360 methinks.

Can super Mario 3d world be ported to switch as well?

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