Nintendo working on new 3DS titles for 2019 and beyond

Coming from Nintendo's financial briefing...

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I'll keep buying 3ds games as long as good ones keep coming.

Thu Apr 26 18 10:19pm
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As much as I love my 3ds, its successor is way long overdue.

Would you be into it if they released a successor to the 3ds? Some people think Switch is supposed to fill that void. What would you like to see in a such a system? I think I would be all over it since I love the DS and 3DS so much.

Fri Apr 27 18 01:18am
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I would actually prefer they don't replace the 3DS. I like the idea of Nintendo consolidating their handheld/console efforts. To put out a 3DS successor would split their efforts again.

It's a real concern that I share a bit of myself. Coming out with a 3ds successor right now would definitely be a bad idea but I could see them doing it in 2 or 3 years. And I think they will try to keep the 3ds going, mostly on it's fantastic existing library, because they should be concerned about just giving up the dedicated handheld market that has always been a success for them. I think they want to keep one foot in that door.

I don't think Sony has the will to fight for it anymore, but there could be an opportunity opening up for them to finally swoop in and take more of that market than they have been able to get.

Nintendo is thinking long term. It's not like, oh Switch is a big success, we will never need our dedicated handheld market again. Maybe so, maybe not so.

Some people think that after Switch, Nintendo is just going to always do these hybrid consoles (Switch 2, Switch 3, etc) but I am not so sure. I could definitely see a Switch 2, but I don't know if they can duplicate the current success by just upgrading the Switch over and over like that.

Thu Apr 26 18 10:21pm
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hell yeah 2020 3DS games

I'll keep buying 3ds games as long as good ones keep coming.

Can't blame them for wanting to keep it around but as someone who's fully moved on...ugh. Wish they'd dual release anything they put out on 3DS with Switxh (like I wished they'd have done with Metroid).

Thu Apr 26 18 11:58pm
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Not surprising considering there are a bunch of games worth getting for the 3ds.

More ports and late localizations, they surely can't have anything substantial left [like a new entry in Mario, Zelda, AC, LM...]

3DS HW production has to start wrapping up in a year or two [right?!]

Okay, so... I have to just put this out there.

I love both my 3DS and my Switch. I play both of them when I feel like. I don't dedicate myself solely to one system. Hell, I've been playing my PS4 more lately because of MHW. Even so, still play my 3DS and Switch. I'm not sure why there are so many folks here that are like "I've moved on" or "Stop making games for 3DS, it's dead/old hardware/the past". Don't get me wrong, I know that's gonna happen at some point, but... it's clear their focus IS on the Switch, but they're still making sure to support the 3DS and the millions of players still using it. If you ask me? That's just good business. As someone that's been buying and playing Nintendo platforms for over a quarter of a decade, I can say I've seen the opposite event, the "drop all support for older platforms" version... as we saw with the transition from N64 to Gamecube, Gamecube to Wii, and Wii to Wii U... hell, even Wii U to Switch for that matter. Except the thing is, Switch is more or less a hybrid, despite Nintendo's own reluctance to call it such. So it's overlapping with the 3DS, and they both are getting fantastic support still. I'm good with this.

Long story short... this actually is good news. Keeps old and new customers happy, and also gives the customers faith that Nintendo won't just drop it when the next thing comes along. If nothing else, it gives incentive for people to move to Switch when they decide they want a new system, because they know Nintendo will support them when the next thing after Switch comes along.

Fri Apr 27 18 03:18am
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I agree with a lot of what you said but I think Nintendo will drop support for a system again in the future after a new one comes out, if that new system is seen by them as a direct replacement for the other one. It is not really clear that Switch is a replacement for 3ds. I think most people view it as the successor to the Wii U, not the 3ds. Sure, it is a handheld but it is also a home console. I believe that if the next thing after Switch is something similar, then support for Switch will end pretty quickly after the next system is released.

I think Nintendo wants to keep 3ds alive, not just because it keeps selling (and why kill that off for no reason?), but also because they are leery of just giving up the dedicated handheld business that has always been so successful for them. It wouldn't surprise me if they released another dedicated handheld in a few years and it makes sense to want to keep the 3ds alive until then.

And I completely agree with you about the 3ds; I still play mine all the time. I likely will for many years because I love the library of games I built up for it. Of course I would still buy new N64 games if Nintendo made them. People seem to love older games, always asking for Virtual Console, NES Classic, SNES Classic, saying how great it would be for N64 Classic. Yet people complain that the 3ds is old and outdated but it's newer than all those things. I like 'old' games anyway. People are quick to move on to the next thing, until they become nostalgic for what they had before.

As a gamer that's moved on: My feelings are that the games would have been a hell of a lot better on Switch and are wasted on the 3DS. I would have much rathered a HD remake of Luigi's Mansion over a port to the 3DS. And I was annoyed and disappointed when they announced it. Same with Ultra Sun and Moon which are the first Pokemon games ever that I haven't been bothered to buy. Or Metroid 2, where I love Metroid and bought the game but only played it for an hour because I couldn't be bothered loading up my 3DS anymore. I definitely feel like they should only be releasing downgraded Switch games to the 3DS from now on. They are only keeping it alive with the mentality that it's now the budget kids console. So I really don't understand the point of creating sole releases on it anymore.

Yeah, I'm not going to buy any more 3DS games now that I have my Switch. Nintendo would be smart to launch upcoming 3DS games on Switch as well.

If they want a dedicated cheap portable, make a Switch Mini that does just that and sell it for $200 or something similar. 3DS is just so outdated now it is hard to justify going back to it.

I was neglecting my 3DS until Metroid came out. I'm a fan of the 3d effect. and I think it adds something to the experience. I guess what I am saying is that the only reason the 3DS seems outdated is because there are far fewer major releases coming out that appeal to me. So, I play my switch all the time now. Also, HD isn't always the best look for games. I like the pixelated look of games on the 3DS. There's something beautiful about it aesthetically. I personally would like another top down Zelda game for the 3DS. I'd also like another new supermario for it, with some more imaginative areas than past iterations. It would get me playing it again.

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