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Thu Apr 26 18 11:48pm
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I hope their mobile games don't do well so that they make less of them and more of console games.

Thu Apr 26 18 11:48pm
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I hope their mobile games don't do well so that they make less of them and more of console games.

I can only agree with that.

Mobile Games are easy money for a company. Square Enix uses this money to put it in their AAA development and other divisions. Most of the games are developed by external teams and it won‘t hurt the creations of the big games. All in all, they need the market for some juicy extra coins.

And yet, SEGA is losing a hell lot of money despite them making mobile games.

Sat Apr 28 18 08:13am
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I think it‘s a matter of IP‘s you own. Nintendo and Square Enix own hugely popular IP‘s (SE created a few mobile failures within the universe of Final Fantasy XV). Also Bamco owns a few very popular Anime licenses and the Tales of IP. SEGA on the other hand don‘t own IPs which are attractive to mobile gamer in my opinion. This Sonic Run game was quite successful, but that‘s about it. Crazy enough that even Konami is still making money with mobile games.

Nintendo be pulling all the stops. No more ‘free to start’ philosophy, full steam on ‘free to play’, loot, gatcha, micro, whale-user strategies, gotta get those mobile suckers lol

That companies most known game, Granblue, is often considered more generous that Fire Emblem Heroes... We'll have to see.

I don't know if its just me, but that does sound the tiniest bit greedy. The mobile games sound like they ARE profitable for the company...just not making as much profit as they WANT. Sure, I understand from a logical perspective that this makes sense...companies exist to make money for their shareholders...but the gamer side of me wonders why they couldn't just have said "our mobile games are a profitable asset to Nintendo...and we are working to make them even more so" instead of "me want more monies!".

Nah, I think it's more the case of the costs involved with keeping mobile gamers interested and be willing to pay. They have to keep offering up content constantly, which costs money, and they probably haven't convinced enough players to actually cough up dough to cover those costs effectively. The mobile gaming market is toxic, I think they should just think of it as an advertising space and not a core pillar.

I'd be happy to spend money on Fire Emblem Heroes if the value proposition for orbs wasn't so piss-poor, even by F2P P2W mobile gacha games' notoriously low standards

So long as their mobile division stays its own thing and doesn't impact their dedicated console game development, I'm fine with this... why not rake in cash on mobile if they can?

I had high expectations for their mobile games which they clearly haven't delivered on yet.

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