Kirby Star Allies datamined, more Dream Friends discovered

Super Mario Odyssey isn't the only game that got datamined today. Kirby Star Allies has gone under the virtual knife as well, and some details on the next round of Dream Friends has been discovered. If you don't mind things being spoiled for you, hit the jump and have a look.

Wave 2

- Adeleine
- Daroach
- Dark Meta Knight

Wave 3

- Magolor
- Taranza
- Susie
- Jambastion Mages

Thanks to MrNantendo for the heads up!

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...But no Ribbon that we can see so far. Sad It's a bit sad we can't have the whole crew together.

I envision Ribbon having a moveset sort of like Mirror.

Dark Meta Knight will have Mirror now son. Though it's still possible Ribbon could be apart of Ribbon's moveset or something. The Rick combo is just called Rick in the data.

Maybe she's part of Adeline's character? Like, when Adeline needs to fly, Ribbon pops out and gives her a lift.

I like the way you think!

Mon Apr 30 18 07:28am
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Your comment shows your love of Adeline, yet the three "D's show your hearts true feelings.
We could all go for another round in the ring with our glorious king and savior.

Sun Apr 29 18 09:59pm
Rating: 2

I had a hunch that my boy Daroach would be next, despite everyone rooting for Magolor and Susie. And Dark Meta Knight?! This next wave is going to be absolutely amazing.

Sun Apr 29 18 10:37pm
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I can't wait for Adeleine, I've always loved that character!

Hope she is different enough from Painter Kirby, but I'm confident she will be.

I was hoping Daroach was in! Yay!

Now we need Escargoon, Tiff, and Tuff. Don't give me that "they can't be in they're from the anime" nonsense. Escargoon and NME Salesguy were in Mass Attack.

Sun Apr 29 18 11:01pm
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Master Hand should have been the representative for The Amazing Mirror not Dark Metaknight :p

Dark Meta Knight also the next character to be revealed for Smash Bros

YES! Let me play as Adeleine, Magolor and Susie.

But what about Nago? Sad

kaiser gx
Mon Apr 30 18 12:57am
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The Dreamland 3 exclusive dudes are already apart of the Cleaning moveset. They probebly think it would be redundant to add them in as another trio. Besides they don't work as well as a Dreamland 2 trio. Most of Nago's moves involved using Kirby directly as a weapon, and Chu couldn't move on her own without riding on Kirby. I think Pitch was also mainly used as a weapon.

Honestly though if it was up to me and I had to find a way for force them together I would just put Chu on Nago while holding Pitch.

Chuchu was supposed to be an octopus, so maybe she'd be the underwater friend.

Oh look, a Nintendo game has been datamined. That's never happened before. (/sarcasm)

It's official, this is my favorite kirby game to just sit back and play over and over again. The dream friends just add way too much replayability for this to not be in my top 5 Kirby games. These character choices have been amazing and I LOVE them!

Mon Apr 30 18 12:38pm
(Updated 1 time)

This game is going balls to the wall with fan service and I absolutely love it. Aside from Geno, Adeline is a character I've waited since my childhood to be playable again and the fact that it makes the Brawl in the Family team basically canon is just too awesome for words. I have a number of friends who are probably bouncing off the walls like Daffy Duck about Daroach and Magalor but I think they're all great choices. Dark Metaknight is kind of a strange choice (was honestly expecting Galacta Knight) but I figured that either Amazing Mirror or Epic Yarn was going to get a rep in the end anyways.

You know, your last comment made me think, how long before we se Prince Fluff again? I'm surprised he's not a part of the Star Allies cast.


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