Comparing the NA/EU boxes for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze reveals some interesting differences

While the NA/EU covers for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze might look similar at first glance, there's a couple differences in there. First off, over in Europe the corner label wants you to know there's a "Funky New Mode," but here in the states, Nintendo tells everyone that there's a "New Funky Mode." On top of that, Donkey Kong is getting WAY more foot extension on the Euro cover. You have to wonder why little decisions like this are made. Will more foot on the front cover attract more EU customers?!

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Wait, let's play Spot the Difference. Smile

The European foot is a the original. My guess is that someone thought the foot took too much attention and wanted to make it smaller, but by then the European cover was already finalised, so that they could only change the American cover.

The little green snake's position has changed position too.

Tue May 01 18 04:36pm
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The position of everything has changed. I believe the image on the EU box has been moved down slightly.

We love feet here in Europe.

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