This week's European downloads - May 3/4 (Donkey Kong, Animal Super Squad and more)

Nintendo eShop (Switch)

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Nintendo, available May 4) - €59.99/£49.99

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is powering up for the franchise’s debut on Nintendo Switch! The invading Snowmads have locked Donkey Kong Island in a deep freeze, and it’s up to the Kongs to thaw things out! Exclusively on Nintendo Switch, enjoy a chill new mode as groovy surfing simian Funky Kong! He can double jump, hover, perform infinite rolls and even perform infinite underwater corkscrews!

Animal Super Squad (DoubleMoose) - €9.99/£8.99
Animal Super Squad is a physics-based adventure game that lets you play as your favorite animal. Speed through a world full of dangers and bananas. Create your own levels, share them with the community, or forget all that nonsense and just play other people’s stuff.

Arcade Archives 10-Yard Fight (HAMSTER) - €6.99/£6.29
"10-Yard Fight" is a sports game released in 1983 by IREM. Players can enjoy American football with its simple but intense play mechanics. Score touchdowns as you play against increasingly powerful opponents.

* This version also contains the 1984 version of VS 10-Yard Fight with the additional two-player mode.

"STAKES WINNER" is a realistic jockey action game released in 1995 by SNK. Use skills such as showing the whip, formation split and hyper dash, collect items on the course, and power-up your beloved horse in this multifaceted game. Ride with your horse through a variety of races as you aim to conquer the GI.

Cast of the Seven Godsends (Merge Games) - €12.99/£9.99
Cast of the Seven Godsends harks back to the days when classic 2D, run ’n gun, action-shooter games ruled the arcades. Four levels of difficulty, six worlds to conquer, twelve mid and end-of-level bosses, seven god-like armour sets, five basic weapons and thirty-five magic combat spells!

Don't Die, Mr. Robot (Digerati) - €7.99/£7.19
Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! DX is a remixed version of the arcade bullet-hell avoid ‘em up, completely remastered and rejuvenated for Nintendo Switch.

Deep in the electro-abyss lives a little robot who loves to eat exploding fruit. He also likes staying alive. That’s where you come in... Get the fruit. Avoid the enemies. Try not to die. (Spoilers: you will die)

L.F.O. -Lost Future Omega- (mebius.) - €6.49/£5.89
As the screen changes your actions and the sound synchronize with the music. Some of the sounds you select can be passed to the next stage.

By doing so and depending on your progress at that point, even if you are playing in the same stage, you will get feeling that you are listening to another arrangement.

Depending on the branch and the area you choose totally different stages and music are waiting for you.

Nihilumbra (BeautiFun Games) - €6.99/£5.99
Discover the beautiful world of Nihilumbra and join Born on his adventure to find himself whilst trying to escape from his inevitable curse. Nihilumbra has been designed in a way that everyone can enjoy its story, even without previous experience with puzzle games.

Perfect Angle (Ivanovich Games) - €9.99/£8.99
Nothing is what it seems! Sharpen your perception by beating over 100 puzzles through scenarios with no apparent structure or logic.Detect the perfect angle in which a chaotic composition reveals the figure hidden behind a game on perspective. Test your visual acuity by accepting a greater challenge each time.

Timberman VS (Forever Entertainment) - €1.99/£1.79 (€1.79/£1.61 until May 15)
The game loved by millions of players all around the world - Timberman, now has a brand new, polished axe! Are you world-class wood chopper? Enter the digital forest and find out! Discover the Nintendo Switch version of this classic, casual game - slice and dice trees in an arcade-style, challenge your friends and be the fastest timberman alive!

Tumblestone Demo (QuantumAstroGuild) - Free
Tumblestone is the first original action-puzzle game of the past fifteen years. Race your friends in multiplayer or challenge yourself in story mode. Solve progressively more difficult and creative puzzles, help a sausage make friends, and find out what happened to the Tumblecrown.

Midnight Deluxe Demo (Ratalaika Games) - Free
Use your controller or touch-screen controls, to launch Midnight into the night sky, but watch out! The world of Midnight is a dangerous one thanks to the likes of spikes, circular saws and plenty of other dangerous objects and even if you do manage to get Midnight into the safe zone, to advance to the next level, there’s the added challenge of trying to complete each level in the least amount of shots as possible to get all three Stars.

Downloadable Content

Pic-a-Pix Deluxe - Classic 05 (Lightwood Games) - €2.99/£2.99

An additional pack of 60 classic black-and-white puzzles in various sizes.


Yoku's Island Express (Team17) - €19.99/£15.99 (€17.99/£14.39 until May 28)

Pre-Order until 29.05.2018, 23:59 local time

Game description: An ancient Island deity is trapped in a restless sleep - and it’s all down to Yoku to traverse the island using a unique blend of pinball mechanics, platforming and open world exploration, in an amazing adventure to help those in need!

The Adventures of Elena Temple (GRIMTALIN) - €4.99/£4.49 (€4.49/£4.04 until May 22)
Pre-Order until 14.05.2018, 23:59 local time

Game description: The Adventures of Elena Temple is a monochromatic puzzle platformer made to look as if it were created in the 80s. Overcome obstacles, figure out how to collect all the coins, find all the gems and remember your childhood while doing it! Progress through the game's dungeon through non-linear exploration and keep an open eye for secrets to find.

Wizard of Legend (Humble Bundle) - €15.99/£13.99
Pre-Order until 15.05.2018, 14:59 CEST

Game description: Wizard of Legend is a fast paced dungeon crawler with an emphasis on dynamic magical combat. Quick movement and even quicker use of spells will allow you to chain spells together to unleash devastating combinations against your enemies!

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles (Prideful Sloth) - €24.99/£22.99 (€22.49/£20.69 until May 16)
Pre-Order until 17.05.2018, 08:59 local time

Game description: Yonder is set in the world of Gemea, a natural island paradise with eight distinct environments ranging from tropical beaches to snow-capped summits. As the hero of Gemea, you can seek out the hidden and whimsical creatures known as Sprites. Use their power to clear the Murk and restore nature’s beauty. Yonder offers a world to lose yourself in; a world filled with the wonder of discovery and the spirit of adventure.

Dungeon Rushers (Plug In Digital) - €14.99/£13.49
Pre-Order until 25.05.2018, 14:59 CEST

Game description: Dungeon Rushers is a 2D tactical RPG combining dungeon crawler’s gameplay and turn based fights. Manage your team, loot dusty dungeons, crush armies of monsters and craft mighty equipment. Be part of an epic adventure with a colourful cast of characters in an off-beat universe.

Johnny Turbo's Arcade: Sly Spy (FTE Games) - €7.99/£7.99 (€7.19/£7.19 until May 12)
Pre-Order until 12.05.2018, 14:59 CEST

Game description: It is the year 199X, Secret Agent Sly must protect the U.S. from a nuclear missile attack from the terrorist organization CWD (Council for World Domination). Enjoy an arcade classic!

Special offers
Rocket League (Psyonix) - €14.99/£11.25 (ends May 10, normally €19.99/£15.00)
Rocket League - Supersonic Fury DLC Pack  (Psyonix) - €2.99/£2.25 (ends May 10, normally €3.99/£3.00)
Rocket League - Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC Pack  (Psyonix) - €2.99/£2.25 (ends May 10, normally €3.99/£3.00)
Rocket League - Chaos Run DLC Pack  (Psyonix) - €2.99/£2.25 (ends May 10, normally €3.99/£3.00)
Rocket League - Back to the Future Car Pack (Psyonix) - €1.49/£1.12 (ends May 10, normally €1.99/£1.50)
Rocket League - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack (Psyonix) - €1.49/£1.12 (ends May 10, normally €1.99/£1.50)
Rocket League - Aftershock (Psyonix) - €1.49/£1.12 (ends May 10, normally €1.99/£1.50)
Rocket League - Esper (Psyonix) - €1.49/£1.12 (ends May 10, normally €1.99/£1.50)
Rocket League - Marauder (Psyonix) - €1.49/£1.12 (ends May 10, normally €1.99/£1.50)
Rocket League - Masamune (Psyonix) - €1.49/£1.12 (ends May 10, normally €1.99/£1.50)
Rocket League - Proteus (Psyonix) - €1.49/£1.12 (ends May 10, normally €1.99/£1.50)
Rocket League - Triton (Psyonix) - €1.49/£1.12 (ends May 10, normally €1.99/£1.50)
Rocket League - Vulcan (Psyonix) - €1.49/£1.12 (ends May 10, normally €1.99/£1.50)
Rocket League - Hot Wheels Bone Shaker (Psyonix) - €1.49/£1.12 (ends May 10, normally €1.99/£1.50)
Rocket League - Hot Wheels Twin Mill III (Psyonix) - €1.49/£1.12 (ends May 10, normally €1.99/£1.50)
Rocket League - The Fate of the Furious Ice Charger (Psyonix) - €1.49/£1.12 (ends May 10, normally €1.99/£1.50)
Rocket League - Fast & Furious '70 Dodge Charger R/T (Psyonix) - €1.49/£1.12 (ends May 10, normally €1.99/£1.50)
Rocket League - Fast & Furious '99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 (Psyonix) - €1.49/£1.12 (ends May 10, normally €1.99/£1.50)
Rocket League – Fast & Furious DLC Bundle (Psyonix) - €3.16/£2.81 (ends May 10, normally €4.22/£3.75)
Bleed 2 (Digerati) - €13.49/£12.14 (ends May 7, normally €14.99/£13.49)
Energy Balance (Sometimes You) - €2.39/£2.15 (ends May 7, normally €2.99/£2.69)
Plantera Deluxe (Ratalaika Games) - €3.99/£3.99 (ends May 13, normally €4.99/£4.99)
Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut (Digerati) - €7.49/£6.79 (ends May 7, normally €14.99/£13.49)
Morphite (Blowfish Studios) - €11.99/£10.79 (ends May 14, normally €14.99/£13.49)
Totes the Goat (Atooi) - €3.99/£3.59 (ends May 20, normally €4.99/£4.49)
Ginger: Beyond the Crystal (BLG-Publishing) - €15.99/£14.39 (ends May 15, normally €19.99/£17.99)
Detention (Coconut Island Games) - €7.34/£6.64 for owners of Layers of Fear: Legacy (ends May 21, normally €10.49/£9.49)
Layers of Fear: Legacy (Bloober Team) - €13.99/£12.59 for owners of Detention (ends May 21, normally €19.99/£17.99)
A Hole New World (Dolores Entertainment) - €7.99/£7.19 (ends May 17, normally €9.99/£8.99)
Aegis Defenders (Humble Bundle) - €14.99/£11.24 (ends May 9, normally €19.99/£14.99)
Axiom Verge (Thomas Happ Games) - €16.19/£13.49 (ends May 9, normally €17.99/£14.99)
Binaries (Ant Workshop) - €8.39/£6.99 (ends May 17, normally €11.99/£9.99)
Bridge Constructor Portal (Headup Games) - €9.89/£8.90 (ends May 17, normally €14.99/£13.49)
Caveman Warriors (JanduSoft) - €11.69/£10.52 (ends May 31, normally €12.99/£11.69)
Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today (BLG-Publishing) - €11.99/£10.79 (ends May 15, normally €14.99/£13.49)
Gekido Kintaro's Revenge (NAPS Team) - €11.99/£10.79 (ends May 10, normally €14.99/£13.49)
Heart&Slash (BLG-Publishing) - €10.49/£9.44 (ends May 15, normally  €13.99/£12.59)
INVERSUS Deluxe (Hypersect) - €8.39/£7.50 (ends May 14, normally €11.99/£10.99)
Neon Chrome (10tons) - €8.99/£7.79 (ends May 9, normally €14.99/£12.99)
Neonwall (JanduSoft) - €8.99/£8.09 (ends May 31, normally €9.99/£8.99)
Nightmare Boy (BLG-Publishing) - €8.99/£8.09 (ends May 31, normally €9.99/£8.99)
The Jackbox Party Pack 4 (Jackbox Games) - €16.49/£14.99 (ends May 17, normally €21.99/£19.99)
The Long Reach (Merge Games) - €10.49/£9.09 (ends May 10, normally €14.99/£12.99)
Tower Of Babel (EnjoyUp Games) - €5.99/£5.35 (ends May 31, normally €9.99/£8.99)
Typoman (Wales Interactive) - €9.09/£6.99 (ends May 17, normally €12.99/£9.99)
Midnight Deluxe (Ratalaika Games) - €3.99/£3.99 (ends May 20, normally €4.99/£4.99)
Perception (Deep End Games) - €8.49/£7.99 (ends May 22, normally €16.99/£15.99)
Superola and the Lost Burgers (Undergames) - €4.19/£3.49 (ends May 24, normally €5.99/£4.99)
The Bridge (The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild) - €3.99/£3.59 (ends June 3, normally €9.99/£8.99)
Timberman VS (Forever Entertainment) - €1.39/£1.25 for owners of Sparkle 2 EVO, Qbik, Sparkle 3 Genesis, Sparkle ZERO, Violett, Frederic 2: Evil Strikes Back, Hollow, Frederic: Resurrection of Music, Millie, Goetia, Zombillie or NO THING (normally €1.99/£1.79)

Nintendo eShop (Wii U)

Shadow Archery (Ultra Dolphin Rev) - €1.00/£0.89

You are now Shadow, a skilled archer of the realm. You must survive hordes of creatures by defeating them with your trusty crossbow. Find power-ups to defeat even tougher enemies! Power-ups will aid you in your survival against the ever spawning creatures of the realm! Arrows are limited, so make every shot count in this challenging, retro inspired, arcade styled game! So shoot, score, and survive in SHADOW ARCHERY!

Masked Forces (R.G.B.) - €2.99/£2.69
Masked Forces is an action-packed game where your main purpose is to eliminate your enemies using any means necessary. With Masked Forces you get to test your shooting mechanics and enjoy a unique, fun experience.

Special offers
99Seconds (EnjoyUp Games) - €1.24/£1.14 (ends May 31, normally €2.49/£2.29)
Axiom Verge (Thomas Happ Games) - €16.19/£13.49 (ends May 9, normally €17.99/£14.99)
Darts Up (EnjoyUp Games) - €1.24/£1.14 (ends May 31, normally €2.49/£2.29)
Hurry Up! Bird Hunter (EnjoyUp Games) - €4.79/£4.31 (ends May 31, normally €7.99/£7.19)
Nano Assault Neo (Shin'en Multimedia) - €7.49/£6.74 (ends May 24, normally €9.99/£8.99)
Rock 'N Racing Off Road (EnjoyUp Games) - €2.99/£2.69 (ends May 31, normally €5.99/£5.39)
The Bridge (The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild) - €3.99/£3.59 (ends June 3, normally €9.99/£8.99)

Nintendo eShop (3DS)

Special offers

Fantasy Pirates (EnjoyUp Games) - €2.70/£2.70 (ends May 31, normally €4.50/£4.50)
Football Up Online (EnjoyUp Games) - €2.55/£2.29 (ends May 31, normally €3.99/£3.59)
Kutar Apple (CIRCLE Ent.) - €0.69/£0.69 (ends May 17, normally €0.99/£0.99)
Kutar Burger Factory (CIRCLE Ent.) - €0.69/£0.69 (ends May 17, normally €0.99/£0.99)
Kutar End Credits (CIRCLE Ent.) - €0.69/£0.69 (ends May 17, normally €0.99/£0.99)
Kutar Powder Factory (CIRCLE Ent.) - €0.69/£0.69 (ends May 17, normally €0.99/£0.99)
Kutar Ski Lift (CIRCLE Ent.) - €0.69/£0.69 (ends May 17, normally €0.99/£0.99)
RV-7 My Drone (EnjoyUp Games) - €1.79/£1.79 (ends May 31, normally €2.99/£2.99)
TOYS VS MONSTERS (EnjoyUp Games) - €2.39/£2.39 (ends May 31, normally €3.99/£3.99)
VAN HELSING SNIPER ZX100 (EnjoyUp Games) - €3.99/£3.99 (ends May 31, normally €6.66/£6.66)


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is a great game but I'll be damned if I'd pay €60 for a 4 year old port that I already own on the Wii U and has had minimal effort in its switch to Switch. Not to mention it's €10 more expensive than its original release and can be bought for less than €20 new on Wii U.

Which brings me onto another point. Us Wii U owners have played all these games like Mario Kart 8 four years ago. What Nintendo games are we supposed to play on Switch? I and others played MK8 to death. Do we've to wait until the next new Nintendo console for a new Mario Kart? There's never been more than 1 Mario Kart on each platform. Sorry for the long ranting post but it's something that really bugs me as there seems to be a constant stream of Wii U to Switch ports and that includes Indie games.


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