Sakurai says he's completed hooked on Stardew Valley on Switch

Whenever Sakurai writes a feature for Famitsu, it seems like the poor man is working his fingers to the bone. In his latest feature, we learn that he still does get some free time, and he's using it to play more games!

This week's Famitsu feature reveals Sakurai's love of Stardew Valley. He actually tried the PC version awhile back, but it didn't click with him. He figured he'd give the game another shot on the Switch, and everything seemed to fall in place. He now finds himself completely hooked on the game, and discusses how the game's pace creates a relaxing, yet engaging gameplay loop.

If you want to check out Sakurai's comments on Stardew Valley in full, have a read of the full translation at Source Gaming.

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Lol wow! It’s cool! Hope he has a wonderful time with that game! That’ll be a best way to relax from work.

Stardew is awesome. So glad to see it do so well on Switch.

Sat May 05 18 07:37pm
Rating: 2

I feel like I might have to get this soon. It's being praised from all over!

I'm cynical as all hell but Stardew Valley deserves the praise. Had a ton of fun with it on Switch when traveling via train.

Wish it had a demo. Watched some videos and pictures and.... I don't know... it's not connecting with me just yet. But thanks. It's on my radar now at least.

Played through Opus yesterday. That was a nice, (very) little game though.

Sun May 06 18 04:25pm
(Updated 2 times)

If it doesn't look interesting to you then don't get it. I was like you and I didn't find that it looked particularly interesting, but I had some bonus credit due to Best Buy Gamers Club, so I figured I'd use it on Stardew Valley because of all the hype. Not a good choice. I just don't enjoy it. It literally feels like a chore to play because all you're doing are farm chores when you're not having small talk (that's already annoying to have in real life) with neighbors. If you must give it a try then I suggest waiting for the next sale.

It's weird because I absolutely love the Animal Crossing series which from the surface seems similar to Stardew, but underneath they're entirely different beasts.

Interesting your take on Stardew because I feel the same but for Animal Crossing. Found AC to be so mundane and boring.

But waking up and doing my farm chores is fun to me 😃 Different Strokes.

I’m with RidleySaria - I’m cynical as all hell but Stardew is fantastic. It’s great to pick up and play just a single (in-game) day or binge an entire (in-game) month.

You get to control the pace of the game. I’m not 100% if any in-game events are time sensitive but I don’t think so.

I’ll jump back in with Multiplayer once it releases on Switch.

Wait until he hears about how the game was made, then he won't complain about "working too hard".

Sat May 05 18 08:57pm
(Updated 1 time)

I got it on Switch a couple of months ago and I'm kinda eh about it. It's a beautiful game but not particularly fun. I guess I should give it another shot like Sakurai and maybe I'll enjoy it...?

Yeah, really seems like a love it or hate it type of game. Or, not really hate it but struggle to get into as is the case with me. Had it since launch and I've regularly started it up again and again and again but after an hour I just lose interest. Going to keep trying to see if it grabs me at some point but not there yet!

I put over 100 hours in that game. I plan on going back once the multiplayer update comes out.

the game was made by ONE PERSON

makes you reconsider budget since a lot of money has nothing to do with quality

either that or some of us have veered into indy territory and grew bored of the same mechanics found on the "safe" big budgeted games.

The only big budget AAA title I really want now is MH:W.

The indies are really getting creative... well... SOME indies are really getting creative these days and I love it.

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