RUMOR - Bandai Namco co-developing Smash Bros. Switch

Bandai Namco worked on Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS, which was a surprise to quite a few people when the news came out. Now we're hearing rumors that Nintendo has asked Bandai Namco back to co-develop Smash Bros. on Switch.

This rumor comes from the Twitter profile of Tiago Sonobe, a developer who claims to have worked at Bandai Namco. They went so far to share their involvement in Smash Bros. Switch, saying they worked on the rendering engine for the game. Sonobe currently claims to work at Nintendo as a software engineer.

When fans caught on to his tweet and started asking about Bandai Namco's involvement in Smash Bros. Switch, Sonobe deleted his entire Twitter feed. Either he shared some info he shouldn't have, or he's just trying to get everyone riled up. Which do you think it is? I'm inclined to believe the guy. Why bother making up a rumor about Bandai Namco being involved when they already have a history with the series? It's not like it would be a big shocker.


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Wed May 09 18 11:07pm
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Sakurai leads people to believe he makes Super Smash Brothers single-handedly? Making me laugh. Where do you see this implication?

But I thought it was Sakurai that did all the work, as he leads most people to believe.

Wed May 09 18 11:07pm
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Sakurai leads people to believe he makes Super Smash Brothers single-handedly? Making me laugh. Where do you see this implication?

In his Famitsu columns.

He does direct them by himself, so all decisions run by him. But he doesn't literally do all the work and he never actually implied or said this.

He says he does all the work, he stresses how much work he does, and he takes all the credit for the game.

Fri May 11 18 07:28am
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Would love to read the original quote. Source?

Maybe you're being sarcastic but Namco also worked on Smash Wii U. Sakurai micromanages too much and stresses himself out instead of just delegating

I hope the rumour is fake, otherwise somebody is losing their job.

He already left according to his tweet, but an NDA might've been broken.

Not surprising. But the question is Is Bandai-Namco working on Metroid Prime 4?

Honestly, I'd be a little surprised if they weren't. While I definitely agree that this is a brand new Smash rather than an "enhanced" Smash 4 port, I think it'll still be VERY similar to Smash 4 in many ways.

I popped on to say just this, Namco are the perfect studio for the job, and with their experience, huge staff count, and the fact it just makes sense, I see no reason to believe they aren't working on it, I was counting on it even.

As for the actual guy and his rumors, I don't believe he has involvement, I'm so sure they're working on it I could've made up this rumor, never underestimate the passion of Smash fans, any rumor is a juicy rumor.

Yeah, it will most definitely reuse assets from Smash 4 and very likely be running on the same engine. Makes sense to keep the same team, especially after the great work they did on the last game.

Yeah, it would silly not to leverage what Bandai Namco has already done, even if it WERE a new studio working on it. There's so much in the latest Smash that's worth keeping.

Is this really news? I thought this was already announced. Or maybe I made that assumption because it makes too much sense. No reason to not have Bandai-Namco work on it again when Smash 4 turned out well.

Well it's a rumour, so technically not news. And nothing is official. It DOES sound very believable though.

I'll be in my salt planet looking down at you guys until E3 Smile

Do any of the Nintendo teams actually release anything anymore or are they all too busy counting money to make games anymore?

Mario Odyssey?
Breath of the Wild?

Thu May 10 18 04:37am
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Breath of the Wild is a Wii U port that was delayed for at least a year so it could have a simultaneous Switch launch. They even stripped out the benefits of the Wii U gamepad because the Switch couldn't have touchscreen functionality amongst other things while docked. It could have had other functions too like use of the microphone and Miiverse integration, but we'll never know now.

aurora unit
Thu May 10 18 07:02am
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The question was whether Nintendo still made games, not what you thought of the Switch port. (And most people would agree that the Switch port was hardly a sorry empty husk of a game anyway)

Most people also don't realise they dumbed it down from their original plans just so the switch version wouldn't lack features from the Wii U version.

I wouldn't personally consider BotW an empty husk but the open world aspect meant that I just climbed past or ran around carefully laid out enemies. Also, some of the beginning dungeons were pure filler that shouldn't have been in there in the first place. I give it a 3/5. Nothing special but not the worst game ever. (That's an F for a Nintendo game, though.)

Well, you are entitled to your opinion. Just as I am to mine - which is that I don't care in the slightest for yours. I played it and agree with the vast majority of people who love it. And nothing about this matters about the original allegation made by the poster (which is that Nintendo hardly makes games themselves anymore).

fred duck
Fri May 11 18 05:20pm
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You have an opinion on my opinion? Bully for you.

The opinions of the vast majority of people don't interest me in the slightest. For example, I watch movies myself instead of having Rotten Tomatoes tell me if I should like them or not. If there's poor game design in a game, then I'm going to call it out, no matter how famous the title is. I'm not blinded by big names.

As stated, the vast majority of people don't know the switch version caused the game to be dumbed down. Should I be thankful for that?

You have an opinion that differs from the majority? Good for you. So have I (in most cases). But sometimes I also agree with the majority, for sometimes people actually care for something because they honestly enjoy it, and not because they're "blinded by big names". Unlike you, I can respect that. Unlike you,, I do not assume that anyone not sharing my opinion is dumb, blinded or ill-informed.
And your "argument" about the dumbing down due to the Switch version is not very convincing. Features are always cut or dumbed down during production. It's a relevant part of the creative process, an evolution of ideas that allows only those that prove durable and worthwhile to survive. Just consider the documents on the design ideas for the original Super Mario Bros. All those cut ideas and concepts. And when you calmly reflect on them you realize it's a good thing they were never implemented, since they would have bogged down the final game and robbed it of its elegant simplicity.
So it is entirely conceivable that the ideas were not cut because Nintendo is so incompetent or greedy, but because features that sounded cool as an idea didn't work in practice. Of course, the game that "might have been" is always better than the one we got, just as the grass is always greener on the other side.

You want to keep calling out poor game design? By all means, do so. But remember that when people ignore you, it's not always because they're foolish sheep or ill-informed plebs. Maybe it's just because they don't agree with your assessment.

PS: And none of this had any relevance on your original claim (which was that Nintendo didn't make games for themselves any more, because whether you like BotW or not - it was made by them.

(And FYI: I replied out of courtesy, but will ignore your replies from now on, because I truly do not care for your opinion since in the past I have read too many of your posts to realize that any "argument" you offer is truly worthwhile. So save yourself the trouble of responding)

Sat May 12 18 03:41am
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It's an overexaggeration to think that not having the Map/Menu on the Wii U gamepad was somehow detrimental and "dumbed down" the game.
It seems you're unaware of what the actual Gamepad integration amounted to, or you assume that having to open a map with a button constitues bad game design.

Sure, but are they working on top secret projects now or what? Maybe it's Pikmin 4 HD. Maybe it's nap time.

Let's hope so eh, E3's right around the corner so we'll probably see EAD's next big thing soon :D

Thu May 10 18 02:56am
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Xenoblade 2?
Kirby Star Allies?
Fire Emblem for Switch?
Pokemon for Switch?

Honestly, what is with some of you people?! The moment Nintendo announces a port of a game or hands off development to a third party you're all "Nintendo is lazy and doesn't make games anymore!" as if all the new games they've released for the Switch so far and all the games we know they're making don't count...

So, who developed these?

Arms -> Nintendo
Xenoblade 2 -> Monolith Soft
Kirby Star Allies -> HAL Labs
Fire Emblem for Switch -> Intelligent Systems
Pokemon for Switch -> Game Freak

Okay, so you brought up one half-game that Nintendo then slowly finished over several months after release.

Thanks for helping further the point that it looks like Nintendo's internal teams are all on extended tea break or something.

Thu May 10 18 09:56am
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So, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, 1-2 Switch (inb4 rage), the next Zelda title, and Pikmin 4 don't count?
EPD/EAD has never been the ones in charge of everything. I sure am a fan of people using selective facts to further their own agenda.

It's entirely ridiculous that you somehow think Nintendo is not involved with the production of their first party games just because the development studio doesn't have Nintendo in the name.

Mariostarn said:
So, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, 1-2 Switch (inb4 rage), the next Zelda title, and Pikmin 4 don't count?

Sure, they count. Those are better answers than what had been posted so far.

Mariostarn said:
I sure am a fan of people using selective facts to further their own agenda.

That's weird. Well, I hope I never run into anyone like that.

You know, Nintendo has been credited with creating lots of games since the 1980s, just as HAL Labs and Intelligent Systems have. RECENTLY, their output has dropped dramatically but certain people in this thread seem not to understand that. Perhaps they're using selective facts.

Since you only mentioned two titles that are in progress, I'm still wondering what's keeping all of Nintendo's internal teams so busy that they're farming Smash out again. Maybe it IS Pikmin 4, since that was announced for Wii U back in 2015. :P (Although Pikmin 3 was so horribly short and then Nintendo had the balls to SELL DLC for that pathetically short mess that I'm still annoyed at them.)

Fri May 11 18 06:02pm
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Game development isn't longer a team of a dozen people making a game in under six months. As the complexity of games increases and more time, budget, and manpower is required, Nintendo has to acquire more development studios to keep a steady release schedule. Secondly Nintendo barely announces things more than a year in advance, with a few exceptions, likely to prevent another BotW situation where countless delays happened. And finally, we know for a fact that Nintendo's key development teams are always working on multiple projects, so as soon as a game is finished another one is on pre-production or similar. 80s and 90s game development isn't simply the reality of modern times.

Nintendo had to adapt to the difficulties of HD game development a generation after the rest of the console makers which led to the infamous Wii U droughts, and the reason why Kimishima had to reshape the entire development structure of the company just a few years ago.

While EPD is still Nintendo's most important development group, all their first party studios are under the same control and supervision, just because they don't have "Nintendo" on the name for one reason or another doesn't mean they're not pivotal assets to the company, and they're subjected to the same benefits and demands.

They were busy making Labby. Now they are busy making the next Labby kits.

Those all work directly for Nintendo... or are you you just counting the teams labeled Nintendo?

Thu May 10 18 02:30am
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Smash Bros 4 Wii U HD for Switch confirmed.

It would only make sense that the team that made the Wii U game would return to update the Switch rehash. This is going to be Smash Bros Wii U 1.1 for Switch, folks. Color me disappointed (hoping that I'm wrong).

Arms = Nintendo
Xenoblade 2 = Monolith Soft
Kirby Star Allies = HAL Laboratory
Fire Emblem for Switch = Intelligent Systems
Pokemon for Switch = Game Freak

So 1 out of 5 developed by Nintnedo champ!

Thu May 10 18 05:09am
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With exception of GAME FREAK, those are all developers wholly-owned by Nintendo, sooooooo......?

fred duck
Thu May 10 18 09:21am
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My point is about Nintendo teams, like Nintendo EAD Tokyo or Nintendo Software Technology. You know, the ones with Nintendo in their names?

If Sony were to buy say, Namco, we wouldn't suddenly say that Sony releases a lot of games. We'd still say it was Namco. I wouldn't say that people even consider Digital Polyphony games to be Sony, either.

Nintnedo didn't develop those games. They made the Plug N' Joy 5 with included GRAND DAD 7.

Thunder stolen. Sad

Thu May 10 18 09:45am
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I swear, at this point Nintendo could title it "All-New Super Smash Bros 5 Not The Wii U Game" and people would still insist it's a port despite having zero evidence for that assumption.

If this is true, then for me at least, it makes it far more likely that this is an enhanced Wii U/3DS version, Smash Bros. 4.5.

Yaaay! The rumour madness has started? It's not a big one though. I got a salt planet ready for this E3's rumour mill.

Nintendo sure are being secretive for this game (nothing new really). Seems like they have a surprise ready for us. I just want Bayonetta to be in it!

I wonder if this smash is going to have everything leaked before launch too. They could at least give us a simultaneous world wide release rather than giving it to japan first (again) and having everything spoiled for everyone else (again).

just download from the japanese eshop if thats the case, region free eshop's good for stuff like this :D

Give us PBR, lots of shaders, good global illumination and shadows please


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