Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy moved up, now releasing on June 29

The game was previously scheduled for a July 10 release, so now we can enjoy Crash's antics just a bit sooner!

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Sweet, that gives me time to get through this so Octopath Traveler can have my complete attention.

That's a better time for it, I appreciate this.

Goodie, yeah, July had waaay too many titles for me anyways. That is nice. ^^ can't wait to finally try a Crash Bandicoot game(s).

Awesome! that's a week and a half sooner. Can't wait to play this on Switch. Didn't buy it for my PS4 as I'm not THAT big on Crash (only played his first game a little back in the day) but having it on Switch and the ability to take it anywhere is much more compelling.

Thu May 10 18 04:57pm
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Ah FFS... what's with that date?? The Town of Light Deluxe Edition and Ys VIII are already both coming out also on June 29th and now this too. There's only so many games I can play and more importantly BUY at the same time XD!

EDIT: Also... just realised that June 29th is JUST right on the day that the one year exclusivity for PS4 expires. They were really in a hurry to release it elsewhere as soon as they legally could XD.


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