Milla Jovovich set to star in Monster Hunter film adaptation, production starts this September


- coming from Constantin Films
- budgeted at around $60 million
- will go into production starting in September
- Milla Jovovich set to star
- director is Paul W. S. Anderson, same director of all the Resident Evil films
- Paul W.S. Anderson is also the writer
- producer is Jeremy Bolt.
- will shoot in South Africa, in and around Cape Town
- Constantin will partner on Monster Hunter with “a big company” in Japan and another in China
- special effects will be supplied by Toronto’s Technicolor-owned Mr. X, which worked on the “Resident Evil” franchise
- Mr. X’s CEO Dennis Berardi will take a producer credit on the movie
- this film is envisioned as the beginning of a franchise

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This movie will be so, so bad, lol.

Capcom didn't look very far after Resident Evil for the director and main star for a Monster Hunter movie.

Fri May 11 18 07:37pm
Rating: 1

They probably only looked at the dollar signs following Anderson's previous work.

Low budgets that make millions. That's all they want

Gonna be SHITE! Has there ever been a good videogame movie? I know we had Tomb Raider, Warcraft, Rampage, and Assassin's Creed all recently but I heard all of them were average at best.

So now we got Super Mario, Detective Pikachu, Sonic the Hedgehog, Monster Hunter, and Uncharted all on the docket. Will we finally get a videogame movie that is legitimately awesome?

Prince of Persia was good.

1. How in the world is the Assassin's Creed movie good, it was utter trash and not in an enjoyable way
2. Literally none of those movies you listed as being bad even have footage out yet, how can you judge them on being bad? I'll exclude Monster Hunter from it since it will definitely be bad.

Except I didn't judge them maybe re-read my post before jumping to conclusions. I said "Will any of these movies finally be awesome?" as in will those movies I listed break the videogame curse.

I've only seen a couple of the Resident Evil movies but I didn't think they were bad. They strayed a fair bit away from the games but they were alright.

They got worse and worse... But for some reason I still watched them

Fri May 11 18 07:40pm
Rating: 1

The first one was fun to watch as an action movie, I think. It had some fun moments. But it played more like an action movie that borrowed stuff from Resident Evil, rather than a movie to please Resident Evil fans.

And as Entity mentioned, they only got worse.

As long as you don't think of them as having anything to do with RE, they're OK as low-budget zombie films.

Wow, you’d think they learned their lesson. Is Paul Anderson the Micheal Bay for Capcom? xD

Damnit Capcom, I want Adam Sandler to be in the Monster Hunter Movie

Wow that is a LOW budget for a movie that should rely HEAVILY on state of the art CGI. Capcom...just...why....

This is not going to be a very good movie.

And still no event horizon sequel in sight...

Fri May 11 18 09:21pm
Rating: 1

I expected nothing and I'm still disappointed

These movies make money off smaller budgets and that's all Capcom cares about.

I was somewhat looking forward to this, but I can't stand Milla. =/

He's not even married to her anymore, there's no reason to do this, lol

They're still married...

If I put it out into the universe, it'll happen and I might have a shot

Ah gotcha. I can't blame you Smile

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