GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 665

Thanks to @KrazyKernal for the awesome artwork!

I don't even know what happened during this show, but it was a blast. So many weird convos and silliness. This is my favorite kind of show. Oh, and we talk a lot about Nintendo news as well!

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Sun May 13 18 12:55am
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^ I am very much ready for Runner3.

(~1:25 minute mark) "Woah! Woah! Woah! Language please! It's not becoming of such a beautiful woman."

:p Luckily that outburst came before the podcast officially started, so that won't make it onto the download version of the podcast. I only listened in at the start, I'll listen to it in full later. The artwork is awesome by the way, well done KrazyKernal.

Smile thank you so much!

I feel bad when I work late on podcast nights, so I cant do any that are podcast related. I listen back to them and go "dang it! That's a drawing!"

Scawwy, next episode is 666.

It's....... To be nice, it's strange to me that RMC thinks the ad problem is related to something Nicholas Mountain is doing. It's a terrible experience, and, there wasn't a long gap without the problem. Just different ads now.

I had that same thought too but I think he may have been talking about it freezing up Nicky Hills phone. And truth be told, I haven't experienced the issue in months. I, personally had it pop up (no pun intended) again until this past week. I'm sure RMC is dropping the hammer.

Mon May 14 18 02:40am
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I'm mostly visiting GN on mobile these days. I've even had the ads force their way in after switching to a different app or locking the phone. Just an audio cue at that point, but it's frustrating.

Especially loved the art for this episode, by the way.

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