Mario Tennis Aces - English story trailer and pre-launch tournament details

The tournament details and trailers provide the same information as the Japanese trailers, but this time, they've been uploaded to Nintendo of America's YouTube channel. 

From June 1 to June 3, you will be able to hop online to participate in a free pre-launch tournament for Mario Tennis Aces. This will give you plenty of time to practice your Trick Shots before the game launches for Nintendo Switch on June 22.

To access the tournament, just download the free software from Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch between May 24 and the start of the tournament. Once you join the tournament between June 1 and June 3, you can select between four main playable characters (Mario, Peach, Yoshi or Bowser) and compete in a series of online multiplayer matches. The winners of each match will earn points based on their performance, with five additional characters to unlock by gaining enough points. (We’ll let you discover who these characters are for yourself as you advance through the demo.)

Even if you don’t want to participate in the tournament proper, you can still try out the game offline and get in some practice playing on-off single-player battles against a computer-controlled opponent.

Regardless of whether you play online or offline, by playing the demo you can unlock Mario’s classic outfit in the full game once it launches on June 22.

The free pre-launch tournament is open from 6 p.m. PT on June 1 to 11:59 p.m. PT on June 3.


Tue May 15 18 12:21pm
Rating: 1

The adventure mode sounds as shallow as I feared :-(

Yeah, they originally were calling it story mode but I guess they changed it to adventure mode since there isn't much story.

I would love a Mario Tennis with a full blown charming hilarious story. It took Golf Story to get me interested in a golf game and I would love something similar for tennis.

Indeed I still miss the Mario Tennis of the GBC / GBA era. However, it does look fun on the Switch.

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