RUMOR: Upcoming Pokemon Nintendo Switch game to be titled "Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu"

I guess this is the week of big-name Nintendo leaks. Yesterday gave us Retro rumors, and today we have some supposed information on the Pokemon titles coming to Switch. Again, take all this with a grain of salt.

- names of both games are Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon: Leg's Go Eevee
- will be remakes of Pokemon Yellow
- set in the Kanto region
- Ash won't be the main character
- Ash and Blue will be the rivals to a new protagonist that the players will control
- Pokemon will follow their trainers and the PokeRide function from Pokemon Sun and Moon will return
- will integrate your Pokemon GO account
- catching a Pokemon will be similar to how Pokemon are caught in Pokemon GO

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Tue May 15 18 12:17pm
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I don’t think a main line Pokémon game would have this title.

I don't think a main line Pokemon game would be on a home console.

But last E3 it was stated by Nintendo that “a main line Pokémon game for Switch is in the works”...

I think hes just messing with you cuz Switch is a Portable Home Console so...

Yes... I'm just saying don't ever expect, expectations to always be the same. Especially with the Switch. This is a whole different environment now, especially with Game Freak saying they are done with Pokemon on the 3DS now.

Tue May 15 18 12:27pm
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It's actually two titles, the reason Serebii only posted one is because that's the only one we have a logo for.

Pokemon Let's Go: Pikachu
Pokemon Lets Go: Eevee

Honestly it's all coming together for me now. The reason they made an Eevee Mascot, Masudas tweet with a Pokeball, Eevee Pikachu and a Pikachu with a Luigi Hat (Let's a go).

I'm 100% confident these are the real titles.

Maybe the leaked image with Lapras was real. Would explain the Eevee on the trainer now.

What is this Lapras picture you speak of?
Would you mind linking me?

Yeah seems very likely now. I just hope we can go to Johto in the games as well. I also would like the Sevii Islands, but really dobut GameFreak even remembers them.

Tue May 15 18 12:30pm
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We've hit ludicrous speed

That's so stupid. No way is that what the game's called. I wouldn't believe anything from that guy.

Yeah because it's only Serebii saying that... multiple other people are saying that too.

Multiple people saying something doesn't make it true, though ;)

Tue May 15 18 03:32pm
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Well it will be interesting to revisit these posts again once the games get announce whether its true or not.

True, but rumors tend to spread like wildfire.

So I go by one golden rule: Unless it's confirmed by Nintendo / GameFreak it's not true.

Tue May 15 18 01:21pm
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Nintendo has published games with such titles as Super Mario 3D World, Yoshi's Universal Gravitation, Hey! Pikmin, 1/2 Switch (which includes "Milk"), Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Kirby's Epic Yarn.
"Let's go! [Pokemon name]" is not a weird or unbelievable title.

So the counterpart would be 'Let's Go! Eevee' then?

Another Pikachu-focus game? ...yaaaaay...

No its different based on the rumours. This one is being created by GameFreak so its a main game not a spin-off. There will also be a Let's Go Eevee game to be paired with it. It seems to be a Pokemon Yellow sequel/reboot with new characters ( Red and Blue appear in the story).

People have been hinting at these games for over a month now. Its very likely that they are real and are essentially a way to have a Pokemon game out this year while Gen 8 is next year.

Tue May 15 18 12:55pm
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Very hard to believe that is the title since it's so bad and awkward.

Edit: It's bad and awkward, but not hard to believe. It actually sounds like a name Nintendo would use, but just not for a mainline Pokemon game. It sounds like a little eshop only toss off.

Tue May 15 18 01:03pm
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-Returning to Kanto for the fifth time.
-Just one year after USUM, and therefore likely to be rushed.
-Serebii confirmed-ish, meaning this likely is true.

Is there such thing as Anti-Hype?

I felt the same, but there is merchandise in Japan called "Let's go to Johto" coming out later this year, so it gives me hope that Johto is also in the game. There is also apparently lots of other Kanto and Johto merchandise coming throughout the year. Also remember USUM was worked by a younger team, so this game has had about 2 years not 1.

It's not enough though. They've had a very bumpy transition to 3D and there are tons of things to iron out and now they're rushing the HD jump. Seeing how the 3DS games were and how lacking they are in comparison to what came before, and how Game Freak works now gives me no hope at all. If this is true, and all signs point to that being the case, then the series has grown even more creatively stagnant.

I hate being the pessimist, but I just can't see how this can turn out any better.

I agree that its not enough, but this is essentially a remake until they can get Gen 8 out. It seems they didn't want to leave this year without a game so they decided to remake Gen 1(most likely with a modified SM/USUM engine) , and have a better Gen 8 in 2019. Now if Gen 8 ends up beings rushed and stagnant...then I will completely agree with you.

Tue May 15 18 01:56pm
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We've been to Kanto twice. Red/Blue, Gold/Silver. Remakes hardly count when these games release so frequently and change so little. On top of that, this seems to be a sequel rather than a remake so no matter what we do or don't count things will be very different since we last saw Kanto. We're no longer strapped down to a grid for one, so old environments will be re-imagined by necessity to account for more dynamic movement. If graphics are impressive and new mechanics are risky it's best to put players in an environment they're familiar with to better contrast with what came before.

I guarantee you that whatever form this game takes, it's been in development long before Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Those two games were likely stepping stones to buy Pokemon Switch another year of development time. If they waited on Pokemon Switch until after Ultra Sun and Moon wrapped then they announced the game five months before ever working on it. I would guess that Pokemon Switch has probably had at least two years of development by this point. Besides, if Ultra Sun and Moon weren't rushed I don't want to see what this franchise does qualify as such.

The point is that the Kanto region, it's characters, and the original 151 Pokémon have been played out and spotlighted for so long that even if they revamp them it fails to generate excitement because we've already seen it a thousand times before. Regions like Johto or Sinnoh are lucky to get a few monsters/nods outside of their respective games. It is well past the point of being repetitive to many people, and I'd say it begins to reek of creative stagnation when Kanto has been a major aspect of several games or over-referenced.

Also, this ain't no stepping stone, all signs point out, all rumours say that this is Pokémon Switch. It's been in development since Sun and Moon, but that isn't much of comfort because Game Freak has just had a really rough time overall transitioning to 3D, and now they want to do the HD jump in 2 years when taking 3 years to do the 3D jump resulted in X&Y, and that quickly became the most divisive with fans to say the least due to what's been cited as an anemic amount of content, overall lack of polish, poor performance, and mediocre story/characters. Sun and Moon has been similarly criticized for having little content and performance issues.

I don't want this game to be bad, but looking at what has come in the last few years and what this is shaping out to be, I just can't find any reason to be excited at all. It is really disappointing.

Tue May 15 18 03:01pm
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I just also want to point out that since Kanto has been redone more than once, it really will make me feel all of the more sour if this game is just more of the baby-steps that GameFreak has been taking.

Like, there was this image that claimed to be a leak of the new Pokemon a month and a half ago. While not much could be parsed from the image, it pretty much looked like nothing more than the standard 2.5D treatment with an environment that has not really evolved past 2D landscapes set into 3D models at all. It looks elementary and outdated even from the standpoint of a 3DS game, but put into the context of a Switch game, a system that can run flipping Breath of the Wild, it is just pathetic beyond belief.

I fear that GameFreak will produce Kanto in just another 2.5D way. Which just kind of ruins it. Like it's bad enough that they're pandering to Generation 1 so much. At the very least go all out remaking and reimagining Kanto if you're going to do it. For goodness's sake. It is the very least they could do.

A 2.5D Kanto on the Switch with Generation VI/VII graphics upscaled to HD just won't cut it at all. I mean, I guess it would make money. However, I don't care. I expect more. Nintendo is always held by its fans to be a company with a lot of integrity compared to its competition, so I'm going to hold it to that standard.

That how I feel. I'm so done with gen 1. I was so happy they returned in X/Y but was very puzzled why they returned again in Sun/Moon. And now they are bring them back a 3rd time? I'm hoping that the rumor of this being a Yellow remake aren't true. If they are, I'm not interested. I'll just wait for gen 8.

Tue May 15 18 03:58pm
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That's a matter of opinion. Speaking as someone who played Pokemon Blue on my 1989 Game Boy and caught the original airing of the anime's first episode, I'm still more than on board with going back to Kanto. No other region has had an ounce of Kanto's charm for me. I can only hope this time the revisit won't be a secret commercial for mega-evolutions. There are places people would rather see before going back again, I understand that much, but Kanto is where it all started and it reaches the most people.

I wasn't implying that this game isn't Pokemon Switch. I was referring to Ultra Sun and Moon as stepping stones for Pokemon Switch, to afford it another year of development while the 3DS is still relevant.

In terms of Game Freak's lack of development talent, yeah, there's no argument there. I make games so I hate being harsh about things like this but I figured Pokemon's lack of progress was laziness until X-Y proved it was also a lack of ability. Game Freak says Sun and Moon "pushed the 3DS to its limits" while Ocarina and Kingdom Hearts look and perform ten times better and handle the 3D screen effortlessly. The only way Pokemon Switch can release in 2018 is if Game Freak has help, like Smash Brothers does and Breath of the Wild did. Zelda saw immense benefit from outside opinions and the challenging of long-time mechanics. I can hope Game Freak isn't so stubborn that they refuse outside help, which I'd bet Nintendo has suggested to them many times.

I might end up feeling the way you do, but It'll come from a different direction. Sun and Moon made me optimistic that Pokemon would be doing things differently from here on out. I still have hope for that. If the battle system is different and the over the shoulder perspective from S-M is expanded upon to resemble something like Zelda, I'm more than happy to have Kanto as the setting to compare how far things have come. If it's just more of the same tired Pokemon gameplay then I'll be just as disappointed. But I'm willing to see the game first.

I do think many people will like going back to Kanto as well as many others who don't, but I do think it's a clear sign of creative stagnation as I feel it crosses the point where it's nods and references to attempting to use nostalgia to attract/entertain players instead of enticing them with something new. I'd say it's comparable to cash-in sequels/reboots of a property that exist solely to entice fans of a franchise instead of actively trying to create something new and original with said property.

As for the rest, I'm just sorely disappointed that a franchise I've been a long time fan of has stopped progressing. I wish Game Freak weren't conformists satisfied with only doing the bare minimum.

Sorry but what charm does Kanto have the the other regions don't? It has no landmarks that stand out to other regions. The only charm I can think of are the cities named after colors and the nostalgia the the region brings thats pretty much it. And I say this as someone who has been with the series since Red/Blue.

Tue May 15 18 08:23pm
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Well, I started the paragraph explaining that it's a matter of opinion, but I'll explain why I think the way I do.

I've played every Pokemon game and none of them felt as real to me as the originals. It could have been my age and imagination responding to the limited technology, something fueled by the anime series that I watched as I played. Kanto feels like a real place where real characters lived and the others never did that for me. Charm doesn't have to come from a giant empty city with a tower in the middle or another set of enormous world-ending legendary Pokemon to stop. It can come from being on an adventure when you're ten years old, traveling through caves, fighting trainers on cruise ships, and learning how to navigate the world while trying to be as strong as your rival. Pokemon lost a lot of that realness as I got older. The original games were built on hardware scrapped together in 1989 out of already outdated tech. It has an excuse that new games don't have.

Pokemon never stopped to flesh out the world that these characters lived in. The GameBoy literally couldn't do it so the anime and the N64 games were there to help us visualize what this world was supposed to look like. As things progressed we never saw more of what a Pokemon Breeder did day-to-day. We never saw what a school is like in the world of Pokemon, at least no more than was relevant to us as a Pokemon Trainer. Landmarks don't mean much to me. It's all about the people, and the people in Pokemon games are just as robotic now as they were before we had color in our portable games. Again, it's a matter of opinion. Most people can look past characters with no idle animations who sit there with no role to play, doing nothing until you talk to them but I personally can't. Sun and Moon made pretty big strides in making the world feel more interactive and alive but a console game needs to do much more. That's what I'm hoping this new set will do, and It's my opinion that the setting is Kanto to best illustrate this.

Or I could be wrong, nothing will have changed, and revisiting Kanto will be a complete waste of time and we'll all completely agree with the concept being a poor choice. Even if that's the case people will have about six months to be choked up about it before another bloody Pokemon game is announced and hopefully that one will have the region people would rather see.

I was going to write paragraphs as well, but I doubt I would change your opinion anyways so I will try to keep it brief. You are right in that a region shouldn't be defined by its landmarks, but each region has the sense of adventure whether is through caves, desserts, snow, rain etc. The regions after Kanto have felt more livelier through their routes, npcs and areas. I also feel like most games do have a breathing world in them, but they do it in subtle ways like Pokemon Breeders working at preschools or Backpackers and Tourist throughout the regions. Or how the Team Rocket grunt from HGSS got together and got married with a family in Gen 5! The supporting cast have gotten better in most games where its not just your character that is some miracle kid who can beat the Champion at age 10. Where some are just as important as you in the story and grow just like your character has.

But I respect your opinion. I just hope these games have something all of us are looking for. Honestly I don't dislike Kanto , its just tiring of it referenced and nostalgic wanked everywhere (especially in XY and SM). Hopefully things do change and its not some lazy cashgrab by GameFreak until they get the next Gen out(even then I would still buy since I am a shameless Pokemon Fan every since I was a kid x( ).

Does *nobody* get that if these are true, it's a POKEMON GO TIE-IN?!?!

The implementation seems to be optional as in optional capture mechanics from Pokemon GO and possible sending your pokemon from this game to Pokemon GO and vice versa.

Does *nobody* get that if these are true, it's a POKEMON GO TIE-IN?!?!

Agreed. I came here to say that!

Would be extremely disappointing if true, but it's not like I was expecting much from game freak anyway.

Pokémon Let’s Go: Pokémon name make it sound like it’s a spin-of games
Pokémon: Pokémon name would still be bad, but more logical

If this game has Pokemon Go integration that can't be easily and entirely ignored, with no detrimental effects, then I am not interested.

I feel the same way. If you NEED to use Pokemon Go with this, I have no interest.

I'm gonna sound like a party pooper, but I seriously don't want to go back to Kanto and Johto again unless it's really revamped in a way that makes it feel significantly different, otherwise it's gonna just feel like another remake going through the same bloody pathways we've been through god knows how many times by now, no matter how pretty they make it.

For the love of God please, make it a new region, if it's gonna star Red and Blue then maybe make it about their adventures together / through-out as hinted at the end of Sun and Moon.

I get Kanto, but why not Johto? Is it because of the Virtual Console release? Johto doesn't get any amount of pandering. Kanto gets its all.

The rumors say that its new characters, but Red and Blue are part of the story. I prefer that continuation of the story rather than remaking Red and Blue again.

Why not both? Since Kanto and Johto are connected land masses Smile

Tue May 15 18 02:46pm
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I am hoping Johto gets added in this game, but this isn't the first time GameFreak created Kanto without Johto: FRLG only had Kanto(yes its a remake of 1, but they could have added it regardless). Even though Kanto and Johto are connected land masses, GameFreak puts special attention to Kanto since it was the first and its the most nostalgic for casual fans. It gets really annoying every new game where Kanto gets love, but everything else doesn't =/.

I agree, I’d love both. Johto is my favourite region but Gold and Silver are my favourite of the series too.

Mainly because I want this to be a brand new adventure, not a brand new way of looking at the same world you've been in at minimum 2 times before.

Like, I get why people like remakes, I can enjoy remakes, but I know what they are, and so do the developers, this is meant to be a brand new journey, I want it to feel new and exciting.

Well it seems likely that it will be a new adventure, just in an old region. The rumors say that Red and Blue will be part of the story but you will play has new characters. So its essentially a sequel game not truly a remake. Its also possible that Kanto has changed over the years so it would be interesting how the region has changed. Its possible Lillie could be in the game as well if they decided to follow the SM story (or Gladion in Johto if they follow USUM)

I was down at this at first, but if it gives GameFreak time to develop a better Gen 8 game with a new region/starters etc in 2019, then I am fine that we are getting this game this year. Now if footage shows that it literally is just a Pokemon Yellow remake, I'll be really disappointed.

See, THAT I'd be OK with, like I said, change it around enough and the region can still feel fresh, sorry if I worded it poorly, but yeah totally agree with you on that, that'd be fine.

If it is a remake, again, major disappointment.

I guess I’m in the minority: haven’t played a Pokémon game since Red, but play Go every day. Looking forward to whatever this ends up being!

Make it Pokemon Lets Go! Gorochu and we’ll talk

Sounds like a hit to me..

Pikachu hurry up you lil' s***.

catching a Pokemon will be similar to how Pokemon are caught in Pokemon GO

This convinces me that this is fake. The Switch isn't exactly a system that encourages touch screen controls and gyro controls would make this less portable (as you would have to detach the controls to even make it work.)

If this is true, I'm going eevee.

Gen 1 remakes sound interesting as I never did play the GBA remakes (they happened at a point in my life when I was one of "those" teenagers who thought I was "outgrowing" Pokemon), but the part about "capturing works like Pokemon GO" sounds weird to me. As Cassidy above said, that wouldn't really be a very convenient way of playing the game either when playing portable or at home.

I always wandered what pokemon would look like if it was butchered, I guess we are going to see soon enough.

Yeesh such a huge comment for this news?

Guys it's Pokemon, get a hold of yourselves.

You mean one of the best selling franchises on a Nintendo platform?! Of course it’d garner attention and conversation.

I mean...yeah but even the worst game out there somehow sells well. Isn't it obvious at this point that Pokemon will print free money regardless?

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