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Alright guys, life or death choice here. If you had to pick just one Mega Man game as your favorite, which would it be? We're talking about the classic series, so Mega Man 1 through 10. Which one is your baby?!

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I feel like the odd duck here... Mega Man 5. Had the, for me, best levels and bosses.

Tue May 15 18 06:01pm
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I love 5 and would say it’s my favorite too! The music is what gets me about it. That soundtrack is amazing!

5 for me too! Always been my favorite.

I actually really like 6. I love the Rush powerups and I really liked many of the levels, plus it felt like it didn't have too many "cheap" moments that the five before it were prone to occasionally including.

When it comes down to it, I’d go with 9. It basically takes the best parts of 2 and fine tunes it, and does away with sliding and charging, which I personally dig.

None of them because these collections will be the first time I play through these games..

I like to warn first timers that the first game will be a bit brutal, but it gets better from there. So hang in there if you’re the type to tire of difficulty easily. You can also look up recommended stage orders if needed. Have fun and enjoy the music!

Tue May 15 18 11:56pm
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6 is my favorite, since it actually started being creative after 4 and 5 were decent at best, and is the best NES styled game up until 10. Every stage is the perfect length, and nothing's really cheap or unfair as far as difficulty's concerned, except for maybe the Plant Man bouncy springs (Which are easy to predict and dodge enemies on)

The GB games were pretty excellent too, except for I and III. As for the main series, 2, 7 and 9 are by far the absolute worst IMO.

2 because if it wasn't for the normal mode in the US version, it would be an absolutely cheap and unforgiving experience. (I can easily beat MM1 with no issues and don't see why people think it's hard but they go overboard on things in MM2 by including cheap bosses such as the Boobbeam Trap and Alien Wily that require certain weapons and screw you over if you make even one error on the former) The Game Boy remix is easily 1000X better since it removes all the Wily stage bosses and makes things not as cheap, even if the music's a bit annoying. The old iOS version (not the newer one) was also good as it included an easy mode which actually made the Boobbeam and Wily alien not as cheap as it reduced the amount of weapon energy exhausted from weapons by half and also caused all the bosses's to get cut in half once again. But seriously, if it wasn't for the normal mode in the NES version I don't think people would like MM2 nearly as much as they think they do. Even moreso if Item 2 didn't make the worst part of the classic series (Heatman's block puzzle) a total joke.

Mega Man 7 I don't care for much either as somehow they made a Mega Man game sound awful and look ugly both at the same time. The weapons aren't really that good save for Danger Wrap and the final boss somehow managed to be even more cheap than the Mega Man 2 bosses, despite every other boss except for Slash Man being reasonable. Mega Man and Bass is easily the superior Classic Mega Man entry for the SNES as it not only uses the gorgeous Mega Man 8 spritework and better music, but it's also more creative with the levels. (if only it didn't get so unfair due to the screen crunch in the GBA port)

Mega Man 9 though, is by far the worst of the Classic series. Not only is it a slap in the face to go from gorgeous 32 bit graphics from MM8 or even the decent 16 bit visuals for MMB to the cruddy 8 bit style, but they don't even bother to base it off the colorful, more dynamic levels from Mega Man 6 that really showed that the NES could still do impressive colors, instead going for Mega Man 2 of all things due to people's nostalgia. Mega Man can't slide or charge his buster for some dumb reason, and going with Proto Man will actually make the game 2X as hard which is just crazy due to him not being able to buy items and taking double damage. Every level starts out good but then tends to have a stupid, cheap section of BS in the middle that makes 7 of the 8 main stages unenjoyable to play (Plug Man's Block puzzle, Tornado Man's rotating blocks, Splash Woman's Spikes, Gravity Man's grabbers, etc), with the only one I actually liked being Magma Man's Stage since it's insanely easy compared to the others and you can make it even easier with Concrete Shot.

Sadly, the final boss ruins what good things the game was starting to show with the excellent fortress bosses that came beforehand, with a stupid ball bouncing phase 1, a pretty easy phase 2 and an RNG based phase 3 that's akin to Wily Machine 7. Considering how I spent 4 hours as Protoman trying to beat the stupid final boss, it was absolute hell and I never want to do it as him again. Thank god they made Mega Man 10 a lot more balanced and fair (even in hard mode) and had the stages being as creative and fun as Mega Man 6 again. Mega Man still has no slide though, but Protoman can buy items and Bass is tons of fun too. That's why I'm excited to see in MM11 that they finally give Mega Man his true moveset back.

The first one for me. Best music of the series! It has a few technical problems though. I don't really think it's harder than the others.

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