Okami HD heading to Switch in Japan, will offer regular and limited editions

Okami HD is releasing sometime this Summer in NA/EU, but thanks to Famitsu, we now have info on a Japanese date that could match up closely with the rest of the world. Capcom will be bringing the game to Switch on August 9th, 2018. Furthermore, there will be a regular edition for 2,990 yen, and a limited edition for 3,990 yen. No word on what that limited edition will include.

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...and are either of these physical releases or what?

Well the Limited should be physical
1000 yen for ”Switch tax” :p

With it being Capcom, though, it'll probably just be a physical case with a download code for the game. :U

I have still never played this game. If it comes to switch I'm going to finally give it a go.

It's already confirmed. Digital-only, though.

Are all versions digital only?

PS4 and Xbox One had physical versions, Switch is digital-only in the West.

Yes, I know. I meant if the Japan regular and limited edition were both digital.

These Japanese versions are physical. Here: http://www.e-capcom.com/sp/o-kami/zekkei/ns/

Lovely box art, by the way. I'm so jealous.

Do we know if other languages are available for it? Is knowing Japanese necessary for this game?

No idea about your first question, but yeah, it's a pretty text-heavy game, I wouldn't play it on a language I can't understand.

I'm physical only. I can't afford digital. Smile

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