Wonder working on Android device that sounds a lot like the Switch

Andy Kleinman, the CEO and co-founder of startup Wonder, has a piece of hardware in the works that seems directly inspired by the Switch. It's a piece of hardware that can be played in portable mode, and can also be dropped into a dock to play on TV. It's an Android-based mobile device, and Kleinman thinks their tech can one-up the Switch.

“The Switch did a really good job starting with the idea of portability, but there’s a lot of limitations on the Switch. We're thinking about building a portable gaming and entertainment type platform that can deliver any type of game.”

The device is in the prototype phase for now, and only time will tell if it ends up delivering on Kleinman's promise. Something tells me the Switch is going to be just fine.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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Wasn't that the Ouya? At least the playing Android apps on TV?

Which means that there probably is not much of a market for this because many of the games are not of sufficient quality to interest people.

I thought so too? Where is the selling point of playing Android games on the go when your phone already does that?

Yes, " there’s a lot of limitations on the Switch" but a lot of it is self-imposed by Nintendo. I'll be curious to see what becomes of Wonder. In a few years time, will I be saying, "I wonder what became of Wonder?"

If it has a Tegra X2 for the processor, I will laugh my butt off.. lol

What does he mean any type of game. The Switch has a game where you literally feel up woman's breasts.

I wonder if Gamevice is gonna throw a fit and try to sue them too.

Wed May 16 18 07:29pm
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Only if they're successful.
Gamevice doesn't want to block the Switch, they want royalties from every Switch sold. They gain nothing from blocking it. ;-)
(but I guess you knew that already)

Of course I do, but it's fun to take shots at patent trolls. There's no chance they'll win the lawsuit anyways.

If it's android based they can't hope to compete with any of the other gaming companies. They simply won't have the games, and in the end that's what makes the platform succeed.
It'll be the same situation as the OUYA:
Few sales;
Few compelling games;
Fewer sales;
Fewer games;

And copying the Switch with only small iterative improvements in power won't give them a sufficient Unique Selling Point to make people choose it over the Switch.

The huge marketing and software development machine that a gaming system requires makes it really difficult to be successful.

The only way I can see this becoming successful is if it changes from Android-based to more Linux based and has Steam on it. That would be a compelling proposition for PC gamers.

The most important part about Switch is all the Nintendo games. It's not going to have those or anything even close to it.

so much venture money is going to be lost. surely those "investors" get that by now ...
hopefully not actual consumers money will be lost this time

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