Suda51 on language support for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, indie games that inspired him

This comes from an Source Gaming interview with Suda51...

On language support
Source Gaming: So I’m guessing full European localization as well?

Suda51: Of course, yeah, also Russia and The Netherlands.

Indie games that inspired him
SG: So, speaking of Indie games is there a particular game that has influenced you as a creator?

Suda51: I got particular influence from Hotline Miami, I played both 1 and 2 and I felt they were fantastic games, on par with all the AAA games, and that game really changed my perspective of indie games, and what they’re capable of.

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I'm so into this game now. Yeah it's not NMH 3 but it looks awesome.

51 indie games represented! Plus 13 'legendaries'. That should be a lot of fun.

This game really seems to be a low budget ie low risk test to see if people care about No More Heroes.

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