Okami HD - more screens and art, Japanese Limited Edition and Luxury Edition detailed, soundtrack promo trailer

Limited edition

- 3,990 yen
- will include a soundtrack CD with 22 tracks

Luxury Edition

- 24,074 yen ($219)
- soundtrack CD
- silver necklace
- furry Switch carrying case

Game details

- touchscreen will be supported in portable mode
- hold the R button and use the control stick for brush controls if you'd rather
- in TV or Tabletop mode the gyroscope in the Joy-Con is supported
- hold the R button and use motion controls in order to easily draw strokes
- various settings to modify the sensitivity of the gyroscope

Check out more screens and art here


Plz come to America. Japan gets all the cool stuff. Like I would've gotten that Bayonetta Climax Edition asap if it released here in America. But it didn't and no signs point to it ever leaving Japan, so I settled with the regular version (still absolutely worth a pickup tbh, I'm loving the games). Okami is one of my favorite games, so you better believe I'd purchase this, but Capcom likes missing out on money so whatever.

Thu May 17 18 09:03am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

The Japanese version of Bayonetta is entirely in English by default if played on a western system.

Oh, I did not know that. Ahh well, I already have the game now.

WANT WANT WANT, please come to UK/Europe too

Thu May 17 18 05:21am
Rating: 1

any word on if there's english subtitles in this version of the game?

Thu May 17 18 09:01am
Rating: 1

I can't confirm anything, but the original Japanese PSN release of HD had english subtitles, so I don't see why this wouldn't.

That is REALLY promising and makes me very hopeful! I'll import the Japanese version in a heartbeat if it turns out to apply to the Switch version as well! Smile

Good looking out, I'll place a pre-order just in case

I need that necklace. Like, I have the deluxe OST from back in the day, and the carrying case would just go in a drawer, but... that necklace. Gimme.

I need to know if this physical release is Japan only... but I might have to take the risk and order this as soon as I can just incase it is.

So far, Capcom has said eShop-only for NA/EU

So this game is getting a price hike via physical in Japan, but with an LE to not make it as bad. I can see why it's digital only over here ($20 is a good deal and software is software) but this LE is a clever way to make a physical version not as bad as a standalone would be.

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