RUMOR - Another round of info on StarFox Grand Prix

We still don't know if StarFox: Grand Prix is legit, but the rumored info keeps flowing. Now we have a batch of details from Liam Robertson, who's known to share leaked/inside info in the past.

Liam reached out to use to make something very clear. The details below are the rumors he has heard going around, and isn't claiming them to be 100% true. They could indeed end up being true, but as of right now, it's just speculation.

- The game is not like F-Zero
- He’s seen a more complete version of the logo
- The game is based on the arwing (which differentiates it from F-Zero)
- He was told the title “Star Fox Grand Prix” was a tentative title
- The game is a mixture between classic Star Fox and racing
- You shoot enemies to propel forward and get combos; you can shoot other players too
- Each Grand Prix is three tracks with a boss fight- where the boss comes onto the track
- It has a big hub area where you can interact with the Star Fox characters
- You pick up new missions at the hub and there’s story content to go through
- The game looks really really good in motion
- He also heard Retro was considering adding cameos like Donkey Kong
- heard it was a 2019 game, but wouldn’t be surprised if it was a 2018 game

Thanks to ReyVGM and Bob for the heads up!


Thu May 17 18 03:20pm
Rating: 1

If true I am so in for this game. I love StarFox when it’s boiled down to its core elements, which I imagine this game would capture quite well.

Yeah this sounds better and better the more I hear about it. Now I hope it’s real.

That open world star fox sounded way cooler to me, but I'll see where this goes.

Thu May 17 18 03:31pm
Rating: 2

I’m feeling pretty confident this rumor is legit. Rumors of out-of-the-box stuff that people wouldn’t expect or immediately want from a series somehow makes it feel all the more likely. Just look at Mario X Rabbids. While rumors about things that tons of people do want (like Mother 3 localization) I tend to be less likely to believe.

Also, Nintendo loves to put existing IPs on games that originally started out as their own thing (see Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Kid Icarus Uprising, and Star Fox Adventures). I could totally see Retro having been working on this flying/racing game for a while and then Nintendo suggesting the Star Fox license as a way to increase interest. Makes sense to me.

I'm not big on racing games but I would be willing to give it a chance.

I wonder what the premise would be? Star Fox needs some funds so they join a Redline type race?

I admit, if Liam Robertson is now chiming in on this then yep it sounds like it is legit then. He's one of the few leakers whose actually got a really good track record, as he got the inside scoop on Mario+Rabbids prior to the reveal last year and he also knew MercurySteam was in talks with Nintendo to make a Metroid game.

So okay the one Diddy Kong Racing element I expected, racing in multiple vehicles, isn't actually there, but the game being more like a mix of traditional Star Fox with some elements of something like WipeOut sounds really interesting to me.

Wasn't Emily Rogers the one who first brought up Mario + Rabbids?

Come to think of it, when you put it this way, the racing elements would be an excellent way to reinvigorate the core corridor based gamepay of SF. I mean if it's true, in terms of game design, it's a pretty good answer to the question "how do we make a sf game feel classic AND new at the same time". I was extremely skeptical about this, but these details sort of open my eyes on the potential there.

Personally, I'm willing to believe Star Fox will go down this rout, not just for the reasons you pointed out feels more natural post war time, can build up the universe and prep up the series to go in a new direction.

You'd think Captain Falcon would be the obvious guest character, but seeing Donkey Kong in outer space would sure be something to see...!

This sounds great. I would have preferred a cross-over so Captain Falcon can finally be in a game, but hopefully an F-Zero games is in the works too.

The problem is maybe Nintendo feels like the Switch will have enough racing games at this point. That with Mario Kart 8 and Star Fox GP there's no room for F-Zero.

It sounds odd for sure but I'm positive it's something that once seen will look fantastic (if the rumour is true).

Retro have only ever made stellar games, no reason to doubt them. The Retro of today isn't the Retro that made the Prime trilogy, true; but if the team is still largely the one that made Tropical Freeze then whatever they're up to should be in good hands.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival now has a rival for most superfluous spinoff title.

Idk man Federation Force, Happy Home Designer, Triforce Heroes, Link's Crossbow Training, Konga series, EVERY paon developed DK game, Mario Sports Superstars, Pokemon Dash, Mario Pinball Land, Every Mario vs. DK game outside of the first, Wario: Master of Disguise, Hey! Pikmin, Kirby & the Rainbow Curse, Pokemon Rumble series, Every Mario Party game after 8, Yoshi: Topsy Turvy, etc.

Point being we don't know the quality of this title yet until it releases. Is it unneeded? Yes, but it could still be a great game unlike all of those spin-offs I listed above which range from "meh" to downright terrible.

Thu May 17 18 10:07pm
Rating: 2

Did you just throw shade at Kirby Rainbow Curse?! You walk that back right now.

Of course we can't be certain, but the features list, the core premise of the game, and the extended development cycle don't instill any hope for this being quality. On top of this this is Retro studios we are talking about, a development studio that before this had never made a bad game.

All spin-offs are "superfluous" until they catch on. I'm sure the idea of a Mario racing game sounded strange once too. Or a Mario painting game, or a Mario puzzle game where he's a doctor, and so on and so on.

People are so afraid of spin-offs these days.

Star Fox Racing sounds like an unappealing mish mash of genres. Mario Kart and Mario Party were designed with their core ideas first, a kart racing game with powerups, and a board game that relies on lucky with mini games that rely on skill in between rounds, this sounds like it's adding star fox elements just because it's Star Fox, and already I feel it's getting off on the wrong foot, add to the fact that this is coming out in the wake of a Star Fox title poorly recieved by fans, and we are looking at a repeat of Federation Force.

I think the absolute worst part about this game is that Nintendo already has a combat racing IP, and using that IP once more would probably create waves itself, but ones with good vibes.

It sounds more like Diddy Kong Racing to me.

Diddy Kong Racing similarities are only skin deep.

Are you sure? It sounds a lot like Diddy Kong Racing. Adventure mode? A hub? Boss battles?

We'll have to see.

I'm not saying that there aren't similar elements here but the hubs and adventure mode features are skin deep, the core of the game is the combat racing emphasis, in that sense it's far more similar to Mach Rider.

On one hand I want this to be true to enjoy the ensuing storm, but on the other hand I want this to be false because this isn't the sort of game that Retro should be spending 4-5 years of development time on. if this is the game that retro have been working on I'd expect Retro to be closed in the next year.

Hmm I wonder if we will get more and more rumors (or 'leaks' if true) leading up to E3. It may be time to tune out for awhile.

Fri May 18 18 12:36am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

This sounds terrible, and will just continue to piss me off.

All I want is a traditonal semi-on-rails shooter like SF64/Assault with working controls... this is what most Star Fox fans have been begging for. Why won't anyone just deliver?


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