No plans to bring any aspect of Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII to Switch

Looks like we just lost any hope for Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII on Switch. Twinfinite had a sit-down interview with Yale Miller, senior producer at Treyarch, and Matt Scronce, gameplay designer at Treyarch. The duo was flat out asked the question, “Are there any plans to bring any aspect of Black Ops 4 to Nintendo Switch?” Miller answered very directly by saying, “No there is not.” I guess that's a done deal then!


E3 is close
After that I would say NOT HAPPEN

Aw, that's too bad. I'd be okay with getting SOME kind of Call of Duty on the Switch. It doesn't have to be Black Ops 4. In fact, I'd be down for something like a Black Ops bundle that included enhanced versions of Black Ops and Black Ops 2 + DLC.

I'd actually buy something that's just a collection of all the zombies content from every Black Ops game, that mode is basically its own franchise at this point.

Fri May 18 18 05:03pm
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Wonder what was up with that GameStop image with the Switch BOPS 4 boxart? Fake, a mistake, or just wishful thinking by the employees?

I don't play the series, but its one of those multiplatform games that every system should have. Either Treyarch is playing dumb and it gets announced at E3 (they could have gotten a different company for the port), or they are just dumb in not bringing to the system.

If they don't bring Call of Duty to the Switch in SOME form...after the smash hit the system has been...then that's just idiotic business sense...and a snub at Nintendo themselves, in my opinion. Heck, even the Wii U had Call of Duty on it, and the Wii (and while people may complain that it was poor graphically...to which I actually disagree...it played GREAT). To not put CoD on one of the hottest selling...and continuing to sell...platforms, just sounds like sour grapes from the developers/publishers.

Fri May 18 18 07:24pm
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To western third parties no amount of units moved will justify it. That's our reality now and it sucks but here we are.

Sat May 19 18 12:48am
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You know what's odd? That a COD game actually exists on a DS...a system that devs often complained that was gimmicky and yet, it performed so well too.

Activision execs are idiots. It's their loss if Fortnite decides to hit Switch. If I had Activision stock, I'd be seeking to oust management for leaving money on the table.

What no “Good I don’t want COD on my system” comments?

Seriously though this isn’t a bit surprising. The fan base is firmly seated in the other two consoles and PC.The Nintendo system is always the lowest rung when it comes to a game like COD.

I use to play COD but I haven't in years and I might have changed my tune had it come to Switch but I think I'll continue to skip the franchise.

Well with no single player campaign, there would be no use for Call of Duty on the go. Which would only allow you to play Call of Duty when at home on the Switch. And then the Switch just isn't the best platform.

The blame for not getting this and other major 3rd party games rests firmly on Nintendo's shoulders. I knew people would criticise Activision or say they never wanted the game anyway. I wasn't disappointed.

So Fortnite and PUBG beating CoD is Nintendo's fault?

Everything is Nintendo’s fault. Like how Activision put CoD on Wii, DS, and Wii U and most Nintendo gamers didn’t buy it. That’s Nintendo’s fault.

Sat May 19 18 09:11am
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Nintendo is doing a bang up job securing those critical western 3rd parties, aren't they?

So we should fire the new Nintendo prez then! Like Iwata once upon a time!

Sat May 19 18 11:03pm
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Fire all of Nintendo. They never do anything right.

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