Nintendo selling Switch units without docks in Japan

Here's something a lot of us suspected Nintendo would do at some point. Over in Japan, if you're using the My Nintendo store, you can purchase a Switch without a dock. You still get the Switch itself and the two Joy-Con, and Joy-Con straps. The regular Switch costs ¥32,378 ($300), while this dock-less option costs ¥26,978 ($245).

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Wait, does it come with a charger? Good deal if so!

Tue May 22 18 10:49pm
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It unfortunately does not. According to the Japanese site it doesn't include the Dock, HDMI cable, JoyCon grip, or AC Adapter. Not surprising though as chargers are usually not included.

Wed May 23 18 12:46am
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It's probably meant for the family that already owns one and don't need another dock. Very good idea!

Edit: just noticed the price difference. When this bundle does not include the dock, hdmi cable and ac adaptor it almost doesn't seem worth it. Which is a shame.

Great concept, terrible pricing.

I'm sure we will get a non dockable flip Switch, with more of a DS form factor. This doesn't seem like a good deal considering how expensive dock is.

I don't know how many people will get this, but it just makes me wish we had the MyNintendo store. It's little perks like these what make it more appealing.

Also, how long until misinformative clickbait headlines start reporting on this as "Nintendo ditching Switch dock"?

Or..they can just do a permanent price drop instead.

WTF is up with that pricing? It doesn't add up.

Why would you buy this ever

Well, they're pitching it correctly, at least. It's a package to provide households that already have a Switch with a cheaper second unit. Nothing more.

If you want an official charger, I assume those are cheaper than $55 equivalent in Japan, so you can save a little if you feel you don't need a dock. Yet, it's a crummy deal. $50 in savings is where I hope a "portable only" Switch starts, charger included.

Yeah, if they included the charger in this deal for the same price I'd imagine plenty of people jumping on the opportunity even if they don't already own a Switch.

It's a great example of market demand manipulation by increasing the price. They don't want people that don't own a Switch to get this bundle. They want the to have a dock.

This is only mildly interesting for people who already own a Switch. And then again, probably not interesting enough for people in the west even if they own a Switch and are in the market for a second one.

I don't expect this to come to the west, or even retailers in general (this is only at the MyNintendo store) any time soon.

Nice price gauging, there.

Wow, they're cashing in on this one! It makes sense that it's more expensive to get it and the accessories separately (accessories in console bundles rarely have full margin on them in the bundle) But the dock, AC adapter, Grip and HDMI cable are about $115. You save about $55 in this bundle. That's less than 50% of the retail value of the accessories..

It is intended for people getting a second Switch in their household though. But that's still not a great deal.. Unless you really don't mind using the dock and AC adapter of the first switch in your household. (Then it's saved money nonetheless.)

The conclusion you could draw from this is that NIntendo does want to offer this option, but really doesn't want new Switch customers to get this bundle.

Or they just want to give the modding and hacking scene a cheaper replacement for their banned/bricked consoles LMAO

You're totally correct on this. And what I think it shows is just how marked-up those accessories really are. I mean, imagine taking them out and getting a Switch for $185. That would never happen.

Still, I wish they'd at least lower the price of the dock to where I wouldn't flinch at the idea of getting a second one for my home.

Wed May 23 18 08:56pm
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Well, it would never happen because they are also not likely adding full retail markup of individual accessories to the price of the bundle. Hence, in the bundle those accessories most likely don't cost $115. Rather they are a smaller part of the total price. (You're getting a discount on their regular price as so the total price can be less as an incentive to get the system.

Nintendo decided on the maximum price they wanted to charge for the console bundle ($299/€299) before they decided what would be in the bundle and how much everything would need to cost in production. Then they fitted the accessories in despite their higher separate retail value. (It's quite a balancing act they needed to do.)

So, taking out the accessories would not result in a price drop of the full separate retail value of the accessories. Rather I'd imagine it could be somewhere between $210 and $225. That's a bundle value of the accessories of $75-90. Which is a 22-35% discount on them compared to the regular retail price. (Much more plausible than the full bundle offering a discount of more than 50% of the regular retail price of the accessories.)

The price of this version is even slightly higher than that to properly discourage first time owners to get this bundle. (They want to maximise the amount of Switch owners with at least one dock in their household.)

It's all about managing demand.

Same goes for the price of the dock. Even if it has an higher than normal margin (something I'm, contrary to a lot of other people, not convinced about) they wouldn't quickly lower the price as it would require them to make more docks and AC adapters because of the higher demand. It's again about balancing: the costs of production, distribution, etc. and the revenue made from selling it.

In other words they want people to flinch at the idea of getting a second one – to a certain specific degree. ;-)

The docks should be like 40bux. I know if I had a second dock on the nongaming tv i's be a hell l of a lot more likely to get or want a second switch

You can always get the full bundle. Then you have two docks and two switches. If you want that anyway ;-)

This is for people who don't mind sharing one single dock with two switches. I'd think there's more appeal for that in Japan than there is in the west.

Besides, you need the the AC adapter as well. So even with a $40 dock and the $30 AC adapter you'd be better off getting the full bundle of $300 rather than $55 discount on that only to then spend $40+$30 on a dock and AC adapter. Oh and don't forget your HDMI cable if you don't have a spare one either..

So with the full bundle being more appealing than even your proposed dock price you know you'd be much more likely to get a second Switch with the full bundle. In which case I'd ask, why haven't you already. ;-P

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