Pokemon.com Trainer Spotlight: Lysandre

With his shocking red hair and beard, Lysandre is instantly recognizable as the devastatingly cunning leader of Team Flare. He is closely associated with Pyroar, and indeed, Lysandre's hair and clothing bear more than a passing resemblance to Pyroar's male form.

Lysandre has been a pivotal figure in Pokémon games, animation, and more. He makes his home in the Kalos region, where he develops beneficial technologies such as the Holo Caster—but also works on his doomsday project, the ultimate weapon.

Like his inventions, Lysandre is a man full of contrasts—he speaks of a goal to create a more beautiful world, but he'll use incredibly destructive means to achieve it. There's something intriguingly shrewd about Lysandre, making him a fascinating character no matter where he appears.

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Funny that they are self-aware that Lysandre was criticized for being extremely easy to recognize that he was the villain.

Lysandre - r = Lysande
meaning ”brilliant” in Swedish!


Well he was brilliant enough to fool a Professor and the region's Champion into not knowing he was the leader of Team Flare...... ugh XY plot sucks. The only good think was the AZ backstory.

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