Resident Evil 7 Cloud - footage

Keep in mind that this was only released for Japan, and the footage includes someone streaming it from within the United States. I'd imagine the situation is better for those living in Japan.

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lol... Doesn't matter if there IS an English language option...not with that laggy/disconnecting mess. You could even see frame stutters when the video intro was playing. Yeahhhh...don't see this getting downloaded too much outside of Japan.

Thu May 24 18 12:22am
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Why would it? It makes sense there where they have significantly faster internet than we do.

True. Where I came from... Portugal. They have better and faster internet than here in America.

Is there any footage of this being played IN Japan?

Yes! I would expect it to be laggy or not work in the US. What I'm curious about is if this plays well in Japan.

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