Splatoon 2 facing an influx of cheaters

There have always been cheaters in Splatoon 2. People doing not-so-nice things behind the scenes to give them a competitive edge in the game. Unfortunately it seems those people are coming out in full force in recent weeks. Reports of users with overpowered weapons are flooding in. There's even users with weapons that have the properties of other weapons, which when combined, makes for almost impossible odds to overcome. Nintendo is yet to address the issue publicly, but hopefully they're working on something behind the scenes.

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Fri May 25 18 07:02pm
Rating: 11

Some people here wanted the Switch to get hacked

Well... now you got it Smile

Ahhh another online game ruined by hackers yet again...WHAT A SHOCK!

Fri May 25 18 07:02pm
Rating: 11

Some people here wanted the Switch to get hacked

Well... now you got it Smile

Fri May 25 18 07:04pm
Rating: 1

This was inevitable, it is impossible to hackproof a P2P game.

It’s so annoying, they’re going to ruin this game because of it. This is like that crap on Mario kart DS.

Fri May 25 18 07:07pm
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I really don’t like hackers! They make me so angry! UNLEASH THE KRAKEN!!!

Fri May 25 18 07:12pm
Rating: 1

And this is why I stopped playing Splatoon 1... And Mario Kart. Hell... Most online games in general too. Cheaters ruin everything just because they are too pathetic to handle losing.

Fri May 25 18 10:09pm
Rating: 2

Seriously, you have to have the lowest self esteem in the world if you have to cheat in an online videogame to feel special. Friggin' dorkchops.

And Splatoon 2 does not allow you to repeatedly rage quit/disconnect on hackers without facing bans/penalties for repeated disconnects. This is why I am anti-homebrew. Everytime a console is hacked whether for piracy or for someone's private amusement, somebody enables cheating in online games.

This will affect Nintendo's premium online service, so I hope Nintendo will start filing lawsuits on these hackers. I don't want to pay 20 bucks for some punk to cross-map me over and over with a Splatterscope aimbot + no range penalty hacks.

Fucking hell. Not Splatoon 2. Sad C'mon. Why do game hackers take such pleasure in being killjoys?

I hope they get what they deserve and have online banned for their system and account.

Fri May 25 18 10:17pm
Rating: 3

Bummer for whoever buys that system pre-owned though... must be a solution to all of this somehow.

There could be a publicly accessible searchable database of all the serial numbers that have been banned, so you can check before you buy, or the retailer can refuse to buy blocked Switches.

Probably more likely the retailer could do this. The average consumer buying a used console is likely unaware of things like console bans. Wouldn’t stop banned consoles being sold on free ads sites either.

Since online will be a paid service soon, banning the accounts could be enough of a deterant since cheaters would be losing money.

Nintendo hasn’t had the best track record at detecting let alone banning users, but hopefully they have the systems in place to drop a banhammer.

So when we start paying for online soon even though a lot of it is p2p and doesn't cost Nintendo and other companies money, this is going to be even more annoying. Maybe Nintendo could invest some of our money in secure servers that weed these hackers out. Or do something at least.

Fri May 25 18 08:36pm
Rating: 2

Yeeeeaaaahhh... I really hope paying for online this September means they'll get some dedicated servers and start banning hackers/cheaters.

people wanted home brew shit and all that fuckery but still dont seem to realize it opens a gate to worst shit.

Modification of a product in a way that harms/undermines the creator of the product, should be punishable with fines and/or arrest.

The paid online should hopefully be the biggest roadblock to such things: Can't connect online to buy a sub without updating the system/erasing hacking tools? Should be safer, so I hope...

Hey at least they don't rage quit or unintentionally disconnect, right Nintendo?

Don't be stingy with those bans now, Nintendo.

Must be the Splatfest losers that are angry that Raph/Mikey lost and now they are avenging back

I feared this would happen as soon as the hardware exploit was publicised.

Takes a small amount of people to ruin everything for everyone. Nintendo better combat this if they're expecting people to pay to play.

I find this really strange. I understand the point of hacking the console for emulation or for pirating games. But to put in all this effort just to ruin a game is just strange.

Trouble is, it's not ruining their own experience. Just others around them.

Sat May 26 18 05:13am
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Yep, homebrew is for either:

1. Piracy.
2. Online game hacking.
3. Save game hacking (Pokémon WILL be unplayable because of this)
4. Emulators and roms (also piracy)
100. Running some media apps.

Nintendo should ban ALL of these idiots. Right now.

Sat May 26 18 08:19am
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it should be very easy to ban a player who has an "invalid" weapon, afterall it is recorded on the splatnet site..you cant deny it all it takes is for a person to report it if they spot a non compliant weapon in use

what funny is that the save hacking tool being used for splatoon 2 specifically states to NOT USE IT to create an INVALID WEAPON COMBO since its publicly viewable!

Also, there is a report user on the Nintendo online app. I know is not ideal, but it is the only tool we have to fight cheaters

It’s too bad there’s no way to report people in-game, except on their plaza posts. You can use the Switch menu to search people you’ve played with and add them to a block list, but Nintendo is vague about whether that means you won’t encounter them online.

Though I gotta say, I play Splatoon 2 almost every day and haven’t noticed anything amiss with other players. I think the number of cheaters vs the overall playerbase is being overblown here.

I find it easy enough to report people on the nintendo app tough, is one of the only things that works fine on that app.

Sat May 26 18 09:44pm
Rating: 1

Same for me. This news depresses me a lot, but I play Splatoon 2 nearly daily and haven’t had too horrible of an experience.

(On a side note, it’s hilarious how all those who are so in favor of “homebrew” don’t seem to show up and defend the practice whenever it interferes with the experiences of the rest of us.)

Pathetic. At least I can live with the fact that I suck at the game, these people just ruin it for everyone else for the false ability to be gud.

Spend all the time and effort to cheat instead of actually putting the work into getting better at the game.

I honestly don’t get how it’s fun for very long. It’s like if you were playing Madden by yourself back in the day. You can screw with the AI and make your team unstoppable (and the CPU opponent AI super stupid,) but all of a sudden the joy, sense of accomplishment, and basically the entire point of playing a game in the first place evaporates.

Sun May 27 18 07:01am
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Now we see how much, if any, Nintendo has learned from their past mistakes regarding online. They can't stop every cheater, but I'd hope they'd at least start being more aware of the community and start throwing down the ban hammer.


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