Return of Double Dragon being release for the Super Nintendo in America

- Supports 1 - 2 players
- The first time on SNES-compatible cartridge, playable fully in English
- 2 distinctly different heroes with moves not found in the original US version
- 7 stages of Pure action (extra stages not found in the original US version included)
- A special red game cartridge (first print run only), and a new exclusive Return of Double Dragon box!

Return of Double Dragon is the enhanced version of Super Double Dragon, only released in Japan after the original US version and contains many significant changes. Now available for the first time on SNES-compatible cartridge, playable fully in English. Play alone or have a friend drop in anytime!

The legendary series was introduced in arcades by Technos Japan in 1987 with the first 16-bit version Return of Double Dragon, originally released in 1992. Billy and Jimmy Lee are young twin brothers who run a martial arts dojo. After their friend Marian disappears, the Lee brothers fight to rescue her. 1 to 2 players control the Lee brothers, masters of the Sousetsuken martial art. A fierce battle with the Shadow Warriors unfolds over 7 stages, including extra stages not found in the original US version. In contrast to previous entries and arcade versions, the Lee brothers arsenal of moves has increased dramatically! The player can perform over 30 special moves! Many of these moves did not exist in the original US version. Use the "power gauge" to perform powerful techniques and make use of the new defense feature to change the tide of battle. The action has never felt more real! In addition to throwable items such as barrels, stones, knives, bombs, and boomerangs, there are now real martial art weapons such as the nunchaku and staff to wield in battle. There are also split-level terrain features such as stairways, walls, and crates that you can use to gain the advantage in battle!

Return of Double Dragon is due out July 19th, 2018. Grab your preorder here

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Sat May 26 18 01:15am
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We need "The Way of Double Dragon Advance."

The developers of Double Dragon Advance had 256 MB of content that they had to cut down in order to fit into 32 MB. However, it is still my favorite Double Dragon game. Imagine, how great this game would be if they actually got to include everything that they originally wanted to include in the first place. It would have more moves, music, modes, story, weapons, characters, and even enemy AI. I will never stop hoping for this version of the game.

God I wish that could happen.

And doesn't ship outside murica. Horseshit...

Use a shipping company where they give you a local US PO Box and then they forward whatever to you. shipito.com is one I’ve used in the past.

I had no idea this was an enhanced version of the game. It's kind of a shame you can't play it any way other than by purchasing a really expensive cartridge.

I really enjoyed Super Double Dragon as a kid, though it got old pretty fast. I'd love to see if these new changes make it a much better game.

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