Pokemon Co. shares more info on Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, core RPG in 2019, Poke Ball design, and more

- no wild Pokemon battles, but you do battle other trainers
- your rival in Pokemon Yellow used Eevee, which is one of the reasons why Eevee is the partner Pokemon for this title
- Eevee has also grown in popularity over the years, which was also a deciding factor
- link Pokemon GO with Pokemon Let's Go to get a special never-before-seen Pokemon
- you can still trade and battle through multiple Switch units
- you can have multiple accounts on the same console
- no plans for online play
- Pokemon Co. sees Switch as a combo home/handheld, so they took the best parts of the handheld games and expanded
- Let’s Go games are designed primarily as home console games
- the 2019 games will have more of an emphasis on the handheld experience
- there are more details and ideas on how GO and Let’s Go will interact
- those who play both will be rewarded
- the Let’s Go games are seen as the next step for players brought in by Pokemon Go
- the 2019 games are viewed as a way to move the handheld experience forward
- those titles have been in the works since before the Switch released
- there are plans for the Poke Ball Plus beyond the Let’s Go games/Go
- Nintendo engineers helped make the Poke Ball
- the idea was to create the closest thing possible to an actual Poke Ball
- the Poke Ball uses Bluetooth

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Wed May 30 18 03:14am
Rating: 8

People are so embarrassing. YOU'RE GETTING A NEW POKEMON IN 2019!!!!!!!!!!! The one this year is for the more casual fan. They deserve games too. Everyone will be happy. Stop being babies. Gamefreak knows what they are doing.

Tue May 29 18 11:20pm
Rating: 1

When given the opportunity to push the series forwards having been freed from hardware limitations Gamefreak have chosen to take this opportunity and ignore it, I wasn't expecting much but a little more than basically Sun and Moon in HD resolutions without a regression in terms of how you catch pokemon would have sufficed, nope, minimum expectations you have been undercut.

Knowing Gamefreak I can't say I hold any hope for Pokemon 2019.

I wonder if there is any chance a tease of the 2019 games will be shown at E3?

Most likely not, they will focus on the Let's Go games. Since the 2019 is a new Gen, we can expect tease for those games to come out in Jan/Feb on next year just like previous gens,

Tue May 29 18 11:37pm
Rating: 2

Hmm, so the next gen Pokemon game will have had close to three years of development time when it releases? Hope that means it's an ambitious evolution, but it wouldn't be smart to set expectations too high for that.

so basically pokemon go yellow

"no plans for online play"

Fuck you gamefreak. Not only are you charging $60 for a very short game, but limiting it to only the 151 to appease Genwunners and not allowing for online battles kills any potential this game had of at least being a fun RPG with lots of post-game content or at least the option to enjoy with friends online after the main story.

Obviously they'll roll out pokemon over time just like in Pokemon go.

That's what people said about XY's lack of post-game, ORAS's difficulty and Battle Frontier and Gen VII'S National Dex. (and Gen VII got DLC in the form of USUM and it still didn't add it, in fact it made it worse by making all the legends pointless) When game freak takes stuff away, they'll never add it back. The only reason Go got expanded is because they mentioned from the getgo they were doing so while here they confirmed the originals are a lock.

Wed May 30 18 03:14am
Rating: 8

People are so embarrassing. YOU'RE GETTING A NEW POKEMON IN 2019!!!!!!!!!!! The one this year is for the more casual fan. They deserve games too. Everyone will be happy. Stop being babies. Gamefreak knows what they are doing.

Considering the tragedy of ORAS which was mostly caused by them pandering to casuals (let alone folks who don't play video games to begin with), I don't trust them and I don't think they know what they're doing. I'm more than happy Gen VIII is in 2019. But I'm also upset that there's a risk of the game being too damn easy or light on content because of the fact Kanto doesn't have much to begin with, and for $60 along with the $50 or so the Pokeball will cost that's asking a lot.

That being said, IGN seemed to confirm that the only things not online are the co-op and ranked modes which make sense, " battling and trading online are both available online and locally." so I'm not as mad as I was before, but I still have my concerns. Game Freak pandering towards genwunners and casuals lead to more harm than good in the main series games.

I was unaware of there being an ORAS tragedy. Seemed like a good game to me. Even so...they've made how many games now and you only hate that one? I think they have earned the benefit of the doubt. Like it or not, these games are made for everyone, not just hardcore fans. It's best for the franchise to keep growing.

As a GO player, why should I buy this?

GO is free, make me go outside and explore the world, meet new people and have Gen 1-3

To experience the original Game Boy games? ...that seems to be the basic premise here; give Pokemon Go players a chance to experience red/blue/green/yellow in a fashion they're accustom to...

That may work for those that played RBGY back in the day, but not for all the casuals that play GO for the experience of finding something in the REAL world.

For I have meet people with GO that play it for they are outside when doing it and who wouldn’t care about playing console gaming inside.
While collecting is part of GO, it is the fact that you are exploring the REAL world and moving youself that make it a so special and big game.

So casuals are not gonna buy it, for they didn’t start playing GO to collect Pokémon, but to experience the feeling of discovery something in the REAL world.

So Game Freak totally miss the mark here!
A Pokémon Ranch + Snap would have work better

So... You wanna make a bet this game will flop then...?

It will flop by Pokémon standard, so it will sell only some millions, but not over 10 millions

Otherwise it will get many pre-own copies from people that thought it would be like playing GO, which this game will NOT be.

It will sell less than your ordinary mainline Pokemon game, yes. But a game that sells millions can't really be regarded as a flop, by any standards, and especially not since this looks like a clever way to funnel the Pokemon Go crowd to the next real Pokemon game in 2019. This looks like a very smart move to me.

No wild battles is effectively removed content from the game. It means a faster level curve or some other non-battle leveling device like candies.

Maybe I'm just not the audience for this, but it seems flat-out bad. They're remaking a gameboy game, but not really? They're making a new spinoff but using the same map design from a gameboy game?

People are simply hyperventilating here and are overdramatic. They just showed the gimmicks here and I think people will calm down over time when the core mechanics are better explained. People freaked out so many times and in the end, Game Freak delivered. This is a fresh take on the series and the franchise quite need this. They will need this feedback for the next mainline games.

Wed May 30 18 09:51am
Rating: 1

What's fresh here? The capturing mechanics like GO which involve no battling, trainer battles being made easier(less and weaker pokemon being used by trainers going of screenshots), and leveling using Pokemon GO mechanics don't really scream "fresh". The only real thing that stands out are no random battles. You will still be going after gyms and stuck with Gen 6 gridish system (gridish since you could move diagonal in some cases) with its blocky textures which are things people criticized about the games, but now its fine because we are going back to Kanto? If anything Sun/Moon seems more fresher takes than this game. This game just seems more accessible to people not "fresher".

Anyways the 2019 should satisfy my needs so I am not overly negative like some are here.

After calming down a bit, I will say I hate it’s Kanto again, and the original 151. But I think this game is a good thing. First of, as simple as this is, it’s a good way to introduce Go players to real battle mechanics, and get the trained for Gen 8.


About what I expected from Pokemon. Gamefreak/Pokemon Co always flirt with what could be then fall short.

I liked that this wasn't the next gen and would revisit Kanto. What I don't like (might be too soon to tell) is if there is plot development in Kanto? There have been several generations since then so hopefully they take the time to flesh out Kanto.

I liked the co-op feature but the lack of online is interesting given the regular Pokemon go is online. What I don't like is the continued use of generic tween bop avatars. I believe in x and y they had a character creator so why regress?


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