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Pokemon Co. shares more info on Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, core RPG in 2019, Poke Ball design, and more

by rawmeatcowboy
30 May 2018
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- no wild Pokemon battles, but you do battle other trainers
- your rival in Pokemon Yellow used Eevee, which is one of the reasons why Eevee is the partner Pokemon for this title
- Eevee has also grown in popularity over the years, which was also a deciding factor
- link Pokemon GO with Pokemon Let's Go to get a special never-before-seen Pokemon
- you can still trade and battle through multiple Switch units
- you can have multiple accounts on the same console
- no plans for online play
- Pokemon Co. sees Switch as a combo home/handheld, so they took the best parts of the handheld games and expanded
- Let’s Go games are designed primarily as home console games
- the 2019 games will have more of an emphasis on the handheld experience
- there are more details and ideas on how GO and Let’s Go will interact
- those who play both will be rewarded
- the Let’s Go games are seen as the next step for players brought in by Pokemon Go
- the 2019 games are viewed as a way to move the handheld experience forward
- those titles have been in the works since before the Switch released
- there are plans for the Poke Ball Plus beyond the Let’s Go games/Go
- Nintendo engineers helped make the Poke Ball
- the idea was to create the closest thing possible to an actual Poke Ball
- the Poke Ball uses Bluetooth