Korean ratings board lists Fortnite for Switch

Well there you go, gang. In my eyes, that makes this official. Looks like Fortnite is coming to the Switch, according to the Korean ratings board. This goes hand-in-hand with the leak from earlier yesterday. I guess that means there's only one more question to ask. Where we droppin', boys?!

Thanks to EnigmaXtreme for the heads up!

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I used to get in trouble for using a calculator.

I'm not a Fortnite player, so serious question: How many people are out there that want to play Fortnite but couldn't because it wasn't on Switch? Seems to me like most people who want to play an online only game would rather play on their computers. I'm just not seeing this as a big deal. Unless of course there's an offline component for portablility...?

Haven’t you heard that kids play Fortnite in schools (on Wi-FI) on the phones?

Fortnite on the go with real Controls will be a big hit even if you need wi-fi to play

Man... schools have changed since I was a kid.

I used to get in trouble for using a calculator.

Back in my day... *cough cough*

Fri Jun 01 18 09:35am
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It would be nice if I wasn't always tied to my PC when I wanted to play. Sometimes, I'm playing more casually, or trying to get daily/weekly challenges done, and the Switch would be perfect for that.

For me at least systems like Wii U and Switch are amazing because although I can easily play most games on my PC and I do kinda with RTS' I just dont like wearing my glasses or contacts just to play games.

I could have tried in my pc maybe but on the switch it's just easier. actually the controls might be easier for me, less exhausting lol.

Gyro controls please.

Fri Jun 01 18 06:24am
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So Fortnite could be announced... *puts on shades* ...a couple weeks time?

Wait...*takes off shades* I mean it'll be announced within a fortnight...I've ruined it.

Yeah, you really did a number on that joke xD.

could be good, hoping for gyro controls. Was playing a bit on Xbox and thats the one missing feature that really bothered me.

All those Splatoon plaza posts finally being answered

And Crazy Justice now missed its opportunity.

This was my no-brainer for E3, so I'm glad to see it's coming to fruition. Let's just hope it's tied to your Epic account, so I can make progress on both PC and Switch.


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