POLYMEGA is a new way to play classic NES/SNES games and more

Re-think everything you know about playing retro games in your modern living room and say hello to POLYMEGA™, the world’s first modular HD retro game console. We built POLYMEGA™ so that you can have a modern gaming experience with all your favorite classic game cartridges, disc games, and accessories in 1080p HD without the clutter and sub-par video quality of using the old retro systems. It’s modular, so you can play an ever-growing list of classic game cartridge-based systems the way they were meant to be played – with minimal lag and with universal compatibility.

The POLYMEGA is a pretty interesting concept. It's a piece of hardware that lets you play NES, SNES, Genesis / Mega Drive, PC Engine / TG-16 and even Neo Geo CD games through different support modules. The platform will also support Sega CD, PC Engine CD / TG-16 CD and PlayStation games in the future. If you grab all the modules for every platform supported, there's no doubt you'll be spending quite a bit. That said, you can also mix and match the modules you want to get the most bang for your buck. Check out more details here.

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lol these fools want to charge $300 for the base system

Well, they say less than $300 (or rather, less than $299.99), so I'd guess $200-250. Though, I agree that's a LOT for something that's just software emulation...

Unless it uses FPGA hardware (so, in practical terms, not emulation), it's not wort it.


It looks like the controller is a rebranded Gamesir G3S to me. Not a bad controller but that explains the button placement.

Tue Jun 05 18 04:57am
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It's a very slick-looking system but I'm not sure I'd want to have the seperate modules lying around until I decide to hook them up and use them. If it had them all built into the one unit then it would be neat and compact and slick as hell. Also, it's pretty frikin' expensive. It does look quality though.

PS. RMC, I think it supports those CD systems you mentioned by default out the gate, and they are looking to support even more CD-based systems in the future.

My Life in Gaming will probably end up doing an episode about this and I'm looking forward to seeing what they think.

This looks interesting but I'll have to get some hands on feedback before I'm sold.

Why does these consoles have connectors for original SNES controller but none for the SNES classic mini controller? I have four brand new SNES (classic mini) controller i could use but i have to use my 30 year old original SNES controller...


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