Choice Provisions interested in returning to the BIT.TRIP series, looking for fan feedback

Runner3 just hit the Switch a couple weeks back, which is the third installment in a series that got its start in the BIT.TRIP franchise. A collection of 6 titles that launched on WiiWare, and eventually other platforms. While the Runner spinoff has had great success, the BIT.TRIP brand hasn't had a new installment in years. Turns out Choice Provisions actually would like to return to the idea, but they aren't sure fans would want it. Her's what Mike Roush of Choice Provisions had to say.

If people want this PLEASE tell us. We have been talking a lot about this internally, and we would love to do this! I would like to bring back that same classic BIT.TRIP art style, but really push some modern effects that we could not really do on the Wii. We would want to modernize the gameplay a bit too, for the modern gamer.

I mean, I definitely would love to see this happen, and I have a feeling others would to. If you are down with the idea, hit up Choice Provisions on social media and let them know!

Thanks to nn64 for the heads up!

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Runner was my least favorite of the original 6. Runner 2 was great. Kind of have mixed feelings on Runner 3 so far. Core is my favorite in the series.

Beat and Flux were great games on the Wii. Tried the 3DS versions as well, but they really need the control scheme from twisting the Wiimote like a paddle.

I would definitely be interested in more games like the original BIT.TRIPs.

Void's the only one next to that shooter game (Fate I think) that I could tolerate of the original 6. Would love to see sequels to those.


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