Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Lumines Remastered now available for preload

Two more Switch titles are available for preload on the eShop. You can get the file sizes and release dates for each title below.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

- 11.3GB
- Aug. 28th

Lumines Remastered

- 750MB
- June 26th

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As much as I'm excited for MHGU, I'm just not going to buy it and preload it two months in advance. I'll likely wait till early August to get it.

Sat Jun 09 18 12:04am
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I've never played Lumines, but Tetris is already a good game to start up during a particularly bad time with anxiety. I love music, so being able to focus on that too (and have the weird foot rumble thing) will make this a must-have game for me to use.

Lumines is freaking amazing, you should love it based on what you said. (The music is sooooo good. <3)

Though I have to ask, what "foot rumble" thing do you speak of? I don't recall mention of that, unless I missed something.

If you have extra controllers, you can have the rumble from the music go through them so you can put them in your pockets or... elsewhere. Miziguchi said that it was good putting them under his feet.

Oh boy, I can only see that going well. >.>

Honestly been wanting to try out Lumines since the Meteos days, so I'm pretty hyped about this remaster.

Also, Lumines is 15 bucks, for those wondering. I checked it on the shop myself.

Surprised Capcom's allowing you to preload Monster Hunter sooooo early. Why don't they just release it in July?

I do hope Lumines is coming out same-day here in Australia, It's not on the eshop yet ~

Lumines is one of my favorite puzzle game series. Honestly have all of the versions they've made so far. The best part is that the music is freaking amazing. If someone's like "Why did you buy what's essentially the same game 4 times?" my response is simply that the music is different with each game, and is good enough to keep playing.

As for MHGU, I preoredered a physical copy from Amazon, though not sure if they were actually doing one, so gotta see how that pans out. Either way, day 1 for me on that.

Sat Jun 09 18 05:29am
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Preload Monster Hunter two & a half months in advance? Capcom still trying to stealthy gauge interest in this game to see if they want to make a physical copy? Or is it that they just think everyone already left to go play Monster Hunter Worlds? Something smells funky. The console is doing fantastic and these guys are still taking the coward’s approach.

Sat Jun 09 18 06:50am
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but they are already making a physical version of MH gen ultimate....

i do have to wonder what the extra 3(ish)gb is for. the japanese version is 9.8gb

More text? I know English usually takes up more text boxes than most languages but I can't see how that would amount to several gigs

probably because the game is already done and ready to go but they're making us wait three months for no reason err i mean *vague marketing reasons*

Sat Jun 09 18 08:33am
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This is all fine and dandy, but what we really need right now is the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Demo. Doesn't it make sense to allow us to play the demo, and then we can preload it afterwards?

There's a Japanese demo that's been available since last year.

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