Madden 19 not coming to Switch, EA shares confusing reason why

EA Sports Producer Ben Haumiller has confirmed that Madden 19 won't be coming to the Switch. Wondering what EA made that decision? Here's what Haumiller had to say.

"We always think about every platform out there. It's really a decision of what's best for Madden and us as EA and where we're going. You never rule out getting you game in front of players. you want to go where everyone is. We'd never rule it out. We just don't have any current plans right now."

"You want to go where everyone is." If only more people were buying the Switch, and it wasn't such a failure in the sales department. Oh wait, that's not the case at all! There are MILLIONS of players on Switch already! The system surpassed total Wii U lifetime sales in its first year, and did so easily! You'd think the strong showing of support so far would convince EA.

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Mon Jun 11 18 04:41am
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"There's no legacy engine we can port to and we're too lazy to put any effort beyond that."

BS to English translation.

Mon Jun 11 18 04:41am
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"There's no legacy engine we can port to and we're too lazy to put any effort beyond that."

BS to English translation.

Mon Jun 11 18 04:46am
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More like "Our pride is shattered since Nintendo bounced back so easily after we forced Wii U to an early grave, and we're too ashamed to admit defeat and come crawling back."

I think it’s fair to say that EA straights up hates Nintendo for some reason.

Oh, it's not "some reason", we know why they hate Nintendo, petty as it is.

Even at the cost of income, EA will still ignore sales potential on Nintendo systems out of sheer spite... it's quite pathetic.

I wonder how long their investors will let them actually.. If Switch is going to continue to perform nearly as well as it's doing (which wouldn't surprise anyone), the investors will want answers why EA isn't pursuing that market in any other way except FIFA.

They'll never get over the fact that Nintendo wouldn't let themselves be EA's bitch over Origin. Their retaliation may have indeed sank the Wii U but right now Switch is powering forward with or without EA.

Mon Jun 11 18 05:18am
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"I always think about every published game out there. Purchasing an EA game or not is really a decision of what's best for my self-respect and us as a gaming community and where we're going. You never rule out getting a game in front of yourself. You want to give each game a chance. I'd never rule it out. I just don't have any current plans to purchase any of EA's games right now."


So am I right in thinking that FIFA was the only game announced that's currently coming to Switch? And that there wasn't a single mention of the Switch in their whole presentation?? That is just so confusing!!

The blame for this game not coming to Switch falls at Nintendo's door, not EA's. Despite how much I dislike EA.

Bullshit. If EA can make a tablet version of the game.. They can make a Switch version.

And how do you blame this on Nintendo?

I'm not saying you're wrong, but how do you figure this is Nintendo's fault?

Mon Jun 11 18 06:45am
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Nintendo think of themselves when they make, hardware and other decisions. EA probably thought to themselves when they saw the Switch, great, another underpowered Nintendo system. They don't want to have to jump through hoops, spend extra on optimising an engine, possibly delaying a game and for what? An inferior version that may sell less?

I want a new F-Zero, I've been waiting 15 years, Nintendo aren't listening. I'd like simple features on the Switch, e.g. a web browser, again Nintendo aren't listening. They think about themselves first. I think some 3rd party companies are resentful that Nintendo does what they like and just expect the likes of EA to conform.

EA had no problem putting their games on the Gamecube because it was easy(let's not forget, that's despite them not selling well). The Gamecube had near parity with the competition, since then Nintendo have done their own thing. Companies don't have to follow Nintendo's choices. And it's no coincidence that 3rd party support since then has been nowhere near as good. Nintendo are now relying on Indies more and their own 1st party output. With the Switch, 3rd party support may be better than previously but that's kind of down to engines being far more scaleable. They can tweak lighting, textures, reduce framerate, resolution, etc to get a game to work. The Frostbyte Engine may have too many problems to work on Switch. With FIFA 18 they had an older engine that allowed it work on Switch and could be enhanced. Is there a similar Madden engine? It seems not. Like I said earlier, EA aren't going to go out of their way for extra work on an inferior product that will probably sell a lot less than on the competitors platforms.

Mon Jun 11 18 08:06am
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All I'll say is, regardless of Nintendo, EA wants to make the most money possible with the least amount of effort.

Also, F-Zero games don't sell. Learn to live with it.

And Madden wouldn’t sell well on Switch either. The fanbase has been elsewhere for years.

The Gamecube had near parity with the competition, since then Nintendo have done their own thing. Companies don't have to follow Nintendo's choices. And it's no coincidence that 3rd party support since then has been nowhere near as good.

In EA's case, they cashed in massively on the Wii. They made good games like boom blox, the usual sports games, a $#!+ton of casual games and even a dead space spinoff.

I agree with most people here with the "EA has a grudge against Nintendo", basically because Nintendo didn't wanted to put origin as the main marketplace. Riccitiello may be gone from EA, but the resentment is still there, and unless the rest of the management changes, this apathy will persist.

It doesn't bother me personally, since I don't buy sports games (or really, anything EA pumps out}, but I know many others do. Plus, there's the fact that a lot of games are selling very well on Switch, so... EA is kinda ignoring money on the table.

Ridiculous, but who expects anything more from EA these days.

Wonder how long till shareholders start asking these questions? Guaranteed if major stock holders questioned their lack of Switch support, it'd change within a year.

Mon Jun 11 18 06:35am
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The onus is on Nintendo to attract third parties into making games for their platform. This is on them.

Which begs the question why Haumiller doesn't outright say that. He didn't say "Nintendo didn't want us to" or 'They didn't approach us' or "Ask the guys at Nintendo".

Why didn’t people demand that Sony prove the PS3s viability when it was flailing horribly. Nope, even with the low sales and difficulty programming for it, they kept pumping out PS3 games.

Also if EA can outvoted the game on a tablet, they can get it on the switche.

Good to see some common sense. Nintendo owe EA nothing and it works both ways. EA aren't averse to money, they're making these decisions on financial grounds.

Mon Jun 11 18 09:09am
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Boo. It’s a two way street and you know that, so stop. Nintendo of America obviously worked with EA prior to the Switch launch or they wouldn’t have had EA on stage for the reveal.

The way 2K, Bethesda, and scores of independent western studios have responded to Nintendo “attracting 3rd Parties” is completely different than the way EA is operating on this, but yet your “tough love” supposedly blinds you to that fact, right? We’re suppose to believe that the guys and girls at NoA were out there courting and attracting everyone but EA? Of course! Because it has to be Nintendo or you can’t continue to be an insufferable downer all the time!

A platform holders job is deliver a “hit”piece of hardware, drive the install base through software, and make the environment as easy as possible for publishing and development partners. By all accounts, they’ve done that. So at some point, the buck also stops with EA.

I wish RMC would replace you with someone who isn’t an embarrassment to this website.

So NHL is totally out of the question then... no Golden Knights on my Switch... criminal.

Madden isn't a video game, it's a sport simulation for people who can't play the real thing, why would I want it on my Switch?

Exactly! EA "games" would never do well on the Switch anyway. They're the most boring corporate shovelware ever. And that's not an exaggeration. An EA game depreciates faster than a brand new car the moment it leaves the lot.

EA drains value. They treat video games as disposable and their continued existence in the same market really is unneeded and damaging to actual hard working developers. All they are is money.

Agree 100%. I will say as a developer myself, I'm not against people making money. In fact, I've argued a few times that the folks at Wargroove are shooting themselves in the foot by making Wargroove too good and not releasing (save some for the sequel!) But I am against a money driven development model that EA is known for.

The way I see it is
Nintendo (and others): Gameplay + story => Money
Ubisoft (and others): Story + gameplay => Money
EA: Monopolized licenses + lootboxes + recycled game => Money Sad

EA? YOU flippin skipped the question from a player and NOW you’re saying “it’s not coming to Switch” crap? What a way to slap us in the face for all the wait.

EA, I dont care about you. YOU ARE An EXCUSE AND A LIAR! GET LOST, EA!

Mon Jun 11 18 11:51am
(Updated 1 time)

I wish they bring out hockey again more than anything else by them for Nintendo Switch. Nothing since NHL Slapshot for Wii.

I know this will seem like sour grapes, but EA just delivered one of their blandest and most uninspiring E3 presentations ever. If EA is down on Nintendo, it's a great time for it... We're not missing out on much.

Thats not sour grapes.

It really was that boring and bland.

Wow, what happened to the happy go lucky RMC? The last few EA news have been brimming with snark and exasperation.

I think everyone is just fed up with EA's BS. Even RMC has his breaking point. Laughing

Has nothing to do with the Wii U or how much the Switch has sold; EA has shifted their business to heavily focus on GaaS and Microtransactions, and Switch users are less likely to play games connected to the internet (simply because of the nature of the device), so are less likely to purchase additional content in the games. If they don't give users the option to play on a less-connected device, then they will make more money overall via Microtransactions

I'd actually respect EA somewhat if they just flat-out said that they don't plan to ever publish for Nintendo consoles again more than this "Oh, we're the best of friends and we're always there to make games for them" nonsense they've been dribbling out for years.

They stopped being relevant for Nintendo since the original Wii. Considering how they run themselves, I'm not really interested in anything EA does.

Shame that Disney gave them the publishing rights to Star Wars, though.

Not sure if I should downvote this for the nonsense, or upvote for the chuckle.

I think what is probably almost as equally confusing is why EA hasn't pushed The Sims 4 to Switch [any recent Nintendo system] yet. It's a perfect fit audience wise imo.


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