GameStop lists Wolfenstein: Youngblood for release on Switch

UPDATE - A listing has now gone live on GameStop's website as well.

Our friendly GameStop anonymous source has sent us an interesting snippet from the store's computer systems. According to their internal listing, the recently-revealed Wolfenstein: Youngblood is coming to Switch. Bethesda didn't mention any specific platforms for the game last night, but I guess GameStop thinks they know what's up!

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And doom's announcement was retweeted by Panic Button, yet neither were confirmed for Switch.
This is so weird, you would assume Bethesda would be bragging about Switch support...

At the same time, Bethesda didn’t mention PS4 and XB1 either. They’re pretty equal when it comes to announcements for multiplatform stuff, and I think they’re treating Switch as an equal when it comes to these sort of projects. GameStop’s POS is usually on the money and they often hold off on starting reserves if it wasn’t accurate.

Sure, yeah. Weird no platforms were announced period.

GameStop is NORMALLY accurate....

...but we still don't have DQ Heroes 1+2 so who knows....

That’s one game out of how many, 250 (and that’s Switch only)? That’s a good ratio. Plus technically DQ is in their POS but never started doing in-store preorders, unlike Youngblood which is preorderable.

Hmm...if this is so, then this would be the very first big third party game announcement for Switch so far this E3. I would have thought that with Fallout 76 coming, they would have at least wanted more Fallout name recognition with a Fallout on Switch, but I guess not. And while Legends and Blades coming to Switch I think is really cool...that's not something that's going to heavily push sales (due to, you know, both games being F2P, although there are always those microtransactions that EA loves to death).

I find it ammusing how the Switch has been spoken of and shown so much this E3 (so far) but so few games are actually hitting it...Could be Nintendo have some big guns ready? FBG?

This has been confusing me as well. You see it quite a lot...and it has placements like in the Bethesda "Skyrim Super Special Addition" (or whatever it was hilarious video)...but very little in actual announcements for it. I'm HOPING this means that maybe Nintendo asked people to hold off until AFTER their Digital Direct...and then let them announce whatever they want DURING E3 sometime?


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