Starlink: Battle for Atlas still requires a 15GB download if you buy the retail version

If you're picking up Starlink: Battle for Atlas on Switch, be prepared to make some room on your system. Even if you go the retail route, the game is going to require a 15GB download. You might want to grab a microSD card in preparation for the Oct. 16th, 2018 launch!

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Mon Jun 11 18 07:47pm
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I was in now I'm out, I do not support half-measures like this. If you can't fit your game on physical media don't sell a physical version.

Those game carts not dropping price is really holding these third parties massive games back it seems.

Nintendo really didn't think this through. Should have gone fully digital and gave more storage on the system.

But my physical games!

Mon Jun 11 18 06:59pm
Rating: 3

Or let people buy their own storage and save cost. Oh wait, they did that!

Seriously, spend 20 bucks and get a 128gb card. Would be far cheaper than what they would tack on to the cost of the system

Yeah, with how stupidly cheap SD cards are it's a no-brainer to at least pick up a 128 kind. Better than not getting the game at all.

Mon Jun 11 18 08:49pm
Rating: 2

128GB fills up really fast when one game is requiring you to download 20GB though... and micro SD cards bigger than that aren't cheap. I'd rather pay $5-10 more for the data to be on the game card, personally. I'd be completely in favor of a model where physical costs more than digital and then everybody wins.

Simple, erase the games you aren't playing and download them later. Most games on Switch aren't massive and my 128GB SD card only got filled up last month, even after months upon months of getting review copies from tons of indies. Lots of them I didn't play anymore so I just deleted the biggest offenders. Not hard and a thing I'm willing to do for the sake of having true, AAA Support for the system.

Simpler, just buy multiple SD cards and change between them. You can buy a case to hold them on eBay for about five bucks which will fit in the Switch case that everyone who carries it around invariably has.

Wait... you can do that? Didn't realize. That helps a bit!

IIRC according to Nintendo you need to fully turn the Switch off before changing cards, so it just takes a few seconds. I've never felt the need to doubt them or test it for myself.

Yeah, slowly accepting the fact I'm not going to have a choice but to "empty the fridge" at some point.

The physical releases of these games are increasing the digital cost. We are paying a premium for Switch games due to the physical copies and developers and publishers not wanting to have 2 different prices for their games.

Except that games require massive space and third parties don't know how to compress space.

The cart itself can store a lot of space and Nintendo plans to increase it's size in future. If the dev can't find a way to compress the space, then don't bother even doing a switch port. Even with this fixed, Nintendo will still have issues with third parties due to the competition between their high quality games than that of third parties.

I want to know how big the entire game is.

Well this was a "no shit" moment. I'm shocked this game's coming to Switch at all so seeing it need a crapload of extra space along with what's currently available is a no brainer. Heck, watch as this ends up being a 16 GB cart and the extra 15 makes it nearly 32 GB, which is insane for A Switch game file size. Only DQ Heroes I/II was that big in Japan and the game was priced at nearly 100 dollars over there because of it.

C'mon, seriously? This is taking the p1$$ at this stage. Sort out the cartridge situation Nintendo.

Mon Jun 11 18 07:47pm
Rating: 4

I was in now I'm out, I do not support half-measures like this. If you can't fit your game on physical media don't sell a physical version.

So you don't buy PS4 or Xbone or PC games?

Mon Jun 11 18 10:31pm
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No I don't, I only own a Switch.

Do you buy games that have patches, paid or free DLC? Because they don't get downloaded to the cart.

Tue Jun 12 18 01:49am
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No matter what the game is still playable without a patch and no I don't buy DLC.

guess that means the future of gaming would have to rely entirely on digital stores that have crappy advertising. There's a reason even physical copies with only a sheet of paper sell well, it's so the game gets noticed more and takes off. Cuphead did well on XB1 despite not being on disc. Taking the cart that only needs a one-time update over no port at all or a digital only release that would bury the game is preferable every single time.

Mon Jun 11 18 07:59pm
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Welp. I'm definitely out now.

Is this because the European version doesn't come with the cartridge? The US box art doesn't appear to have the download warning label.

Once again people like to blame 3rd parties but it's Nintendo's fault for not having the 64gb micro sd card ready and even if it were they are expensive as hell. I personally don't give two shits as I'm all digital anyway but maybe it's time some of ya'll invest in a microsd card.

Well, I can always save money for micro sd card. I’ll leave the game unopened until I get the card. Simple.

Not really a problem for me since I never download anything really, so I have plenty of space. But yeah, it seems to be a big deal for many, so that is unfortunate. :/

If they're going to pull this stuff don't even bother making it on Switch! I liked it better in the Wii U days when we got no third party support!

I seriously hope you're joking. Just because YOU don't want to have to download something that means people like me who like more games to play shouldn't have games to play? Yes it sucks to have to download extra data but that's what happens when Nintendo decided to use overly expensive tiny carts. 3rd parties simply cannot fit their games on 8 or 16gb of storage. Their is NO good solution for Switch you just have to make due with what you have. You don't have to buy the game no one is forcing you too but to say 3rd parties shouldn't make anything for Switch is just..wrong...

It was a joke Smile

I'm just sick to death of seeing people complain about this situation to the point of refusing to buy third party games that require downloads. We could go back to how the third party landscape was on Wii U or just deal with a bit of a nuisance every now and then. Which is ultimately what it is.

It's not an ideal solution for either customers or third parties but it's really the only one that works at the moment.

All Steam games are digital and nobody cries about the size of downloads.

Tue Jun 12 18 08:21am
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Your average PC comes with TERABYTES of storage space out of the box and it’s very cheap to add terabytes of storage. We’re talking less than $50 for 1TB. You’re looking to spend over 4 times that for less than half the space for a Micro SD card.

The Switch comes with 32GB (less actually usable) of space out of the box.

Your argument is null.
Btw - this coming from someone who is 100% digital when it comes to Switch (except for BOTW)

Aaand im out. I will not buy games who are like that. They should be honest and just sell a download code. If they put half of the game on cartridge but i have to download the other half they can save the money for the card and sell just the code.


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