Nintendo at E3 2018 - Nintendo Direct live-stream/blog

This post will be updated with a live-blog of the information shared during today's Nintendo Direct.

- Daemon X Machina coming to Switch in 2019
- Xenoblade Chronicles 2; Torna the Golden Country coming out Sept. 2018
- Mew comes exclusive with every Poke Ball Plus for Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee
- Super Mario Party coming to Switch on Oct. 5th, 2018
- Fire Emblem: Three Houses coming to Switch Spring 2019
- Fortnite available on Switch 10 AM PDT today
- Overcooked 2 due out on Switch on Aug. 7th, 2018
- Hollow Knight available on Switch today
- Octopath Traveler getting a new demo on June 14th, 2018
- Dragon Ball FighterZ coming to Switch
- Every single character from Smash Bros. history will be in Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch
- The World Ends With You: Final Remix due out on Switch this Fall
- Mario can wear his wedding and builder outfits, plus wears Cappy, Link has his Breath of the Wild costume and a new final smash, Ice Climbers return, Ike has two different versions with slightly different voices, female version of Pikachu is included, Fox is based on StarFox Zero and has gotten a new Final Smash, Falco has a new Final Smash, Ryu will always face his opponents, Samus can power her shot in mid-air, Marth's dancing blade is faster and is fully voiced in English, Snake returns with Shadow Moses island, King Dedede has a new final smash, Pichu returns, Zelda is based on A Link Between Worlds and has a new final smash, Sonic's final smash has gotten faster, Pac-Man's final smash got a speed boost, Pokemon Trainer returns and can change Pokemon during battle, play as a female Pokemon trainer, Captain Falcon has a dramatic slow-mo effect and Big Blue returns, Cloud returns and you can see his limit gauge by his damage percentage, Robin has a new meter for moves, for Villager you can easier see what's been pocketed and has 8 different designs, Bowser's final smash is now bigger, Mr. Game and Watch has an appearance closer to his original design, Young Link returns, Wolf is based on StarFox Zero and his moves have been upgraded, Kirby has a new stone ability and a copy ability for every fighter, Shulk has a new way to select weapon arts and Fiora is part of his final smash, Ganondorf has his Ocarina of Time design and a new final smash, Mii fighters have had their proportions tweaked and they have 12 voice options, Pit has a new final smash, Zero Suit Samus has a new final smash, Olimar gets cracks in his helmet when he gets damaged, Bayonetta's costumes from her first two games are available and she has different sound effects and Rodin appears as an assist trophy, Wario's final smash has been updated, Donkey Kong's final smash is rapid-fire punches and has expressive new facial animations, Little Mac has a new final smash, Ness has a new final smash and Jeff returns as an assist trophy, Lucas' final smash has been updated, Wii Fit Trainer has a new face, Mega Man has had his stage updated and his new final smash includes proto man and bass, Palutena has streamlined special attacks, ROB has a new gauge to show how much fuel he has left for hovering, Lucina and Dark Pit have epsilon figures and are called echo fighters, Daisy is Peach's echo fighter and has different characteristics, Inkling lets you ink opponents to give them even more damage and they can run out of ink, Squid Sisters are an assist trophy, Bomberman is an assist trophy, more Pokemon will be added as assist trophies, more items as well, Morae Towers and Great Plateau Tower are new stages, all stages have battlefield and omega forms, directional air dodge has been improved, excessive dodging makes you more vulnerable, short-hop attacks are performed by pressing the A button and a direction, perfect shield occurs when you release the shield button, one-on-one battles give your attacks more damage, the lead fighter in a battle will sometimes flash to show off their position in the game, includes GameCube controller support and supports all amiibo, Ridley is playable, available Dec. 7th, 2018

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Tue Jun 12 18 12:41pm
Rating: 6

I can't believe Nintendo had so little to show this year that they spent 30 minutes just talking about Smash, at an E3 direct.

Excitement levels....RIZING

Pretty good start, so far.

Tue Jun 12 18 12:37pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 3 times)

Nintendo we didnt need over 20 minutes of telling us it isn't really Smash 4. :p

Edit: Btw guys its developed using Unreal Engine 4 so its not really Smash 4 even if it kinds looks like it (the UI design looks 10x better).

Edit2: The Nintendo Smash-only upload does not show UE anymore so it might not have been for smash (Fortnite already mentions UE so its weird to list it twice if it was just for that game)

Tue Jun 12 18 12:41pm
Rating: 6

I can't believe Nintendo had so little to show this year that they spent 30 minutes just talking about Smash, at an E3 direct.

Tue Jun 12 18 12:47pm
(Updated 1 time)

Well freaking worth those 30 mins. And, if you watched MS and Sony's presentations, they also showed less than 20 games

MS showed FIFTY, guy. Where do you get "less than 20?"

Well, you are more well informed than I, then lol. I only watched sony and Nintendo

Tue Jun 12 18 01:00pm
Rating: 2

Meh, Nintendo showed 2 new games, one of them a multiplat, the other Mario Party fixed edition, the rest were old ports, I don't know why you'd go to E3 to show off old ports, I guess we got to see the new Fire Emblem, which looks good but it's been pushed back to 2019, and not even first quarter 2019, second quarter. Microsoft revealed more games than Nintendo showed, even though only about 5 of them looked like something worth buying, but also Battletoads are back.. the Sony conference was legitimately bad, but they didn't spend 2/3 of the show on one game.

RIIIIIDDDDDLEYYYYYYY! So happy for all the fans.

Tue Jun 12 18 12:44pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

Looks like Sligeach_Eire was kinda right.
Smash looks more like a Super DX version.

Glad the Hot Topic employees aren’t the only Net New Characters.

Poor Daisy being relegated to an echo fighter. She deserves to be a full character. Surprised Dark Link isn’t there.

The voice over for this Smash segment is very monotonous and the length of this segment is destroying the pacing of the Direct.

Overall I’m whelmed. Not overwhelmed or underwhelmed. Just....whelmed.

I know we haven’t seen everything for Smash but so far it doesn’t do enough for me to justify not just playing the Wii U version.

Tue Jun 12 18 01:12pm
Rating: 2

It might look like Smash 4, but the fact that it was developed using Unreal Engine means its literally not Smash 4.

Tue Jun 12 18 01:17pm
(Updated 1 time)

Source? Not doubting you but I can’t find anything to do with Smash and Unreal Engine that isn’t a fan made project.

Even searched Gonintendo for “Smash Unreal”.

The Unreal Engine logo was shown at the end of the direct with all the copyright information.

That was for the ENTIRE direct and not just the Smash segment and is more likely for Epic and Fortnite.

The copyright screen at the end of the Smash segment that was just for Smash did not say Unreal.

I only remember seeing one copyright during the actual direct, so if they cut it out for the standalone trailer they uploaded on YouTube after the fact, then I didn't know.

Tue Jun 12 18 01:28pm
(Updated 1 time)

Seems there was a misunderstanding(thats what I get for reading what ppl were saying). People were saying at the end of the Direct credits, but it seems they just added it in regards to the other games (Fortnite already mentioned UE so idk if the logo is just for that game, weird to list it twice for that game)

The Smash only trailer Nintendo uploaded cuts the UE part of the credits so it probably wasn't for Smash.

So I guess its Smash 4 underneath, but they added a bunch of esports improvements to the games (you can see the blast zones) and the UI/art-style seems better.

Yeah the credits after just the Smash segment don’t mention Unreal but the credits for the entire direct do so I agree that that’s probably for Fortnite.

I’d be very surprised if Nintendo ported the entire Smash game to Unreal rather than refine the existing engine. It’s already a tried and tested and high quality engine.

Overall I’m whelmed. Not overwhelmed or underwhelmed. Just....whelmed.

Haha ^^ Exactly.
Taking everything into consideration, that's exactly what it was. Whelming.

Kinda underwhelming, unfortunately. But some of the games looked really nice and I do have some things to look forward to. Hopefully we see a few more fun new things in the Treehouse stream.

B.b.b.b.but.but ridley is too big for smash bros!!! :O

Tue Jun 12 18 12:45pm
(Updated 1 time)

Looking at all that text. Man you've had a rough day RMC. Sad

A laughably puny Ridley, Bomberman is an assist trophy, and every unnecessary character from previous Smash games returns... *Shrugs* don't know what to say really...

I'm with you on this... I was hoping they would trim the fat and get rid of some of the less popular characters and clones. I was hoping for more new characters, too. Bomberman would have been a great candidate.

"every unnecessary character from previous Smash games returns"

All characters are back, so I don't see the problem here. You can choose not to use those you do not like, of course. I'll go with Falco or Bayonetta, for example. You choose who you want!

"don't know what to say really"

Sakura's last Smash game probably. He didn't even hint at it much. T'was pretty obvious.

I was super hyped until they revealed Bomberman as just an assist trophy.

Okay, I didn't mind Smash taking up so much time, but I'm actually really disappointed that it ended there. Microsoft won E3, hands down. I definitely think of this new Smash as a new version: it's got so many new levels and characters and mechanics and items. Not sure what people think makes a "new" Smash. The most exciting new news for me was "Super Mario Party," and I didn't look forward to today for months expecting that to be the case. Not pleased. It would have been great if they kept going with some other reveals.

Well at least I got to see a LITTLE bit of Bayonetta. Even thoug it was just in Smash Bros. Smash 5 looks great though. And Dragon BAll Z is a coming officially.

But still no Retro? I mean, seriously! It's been long enough now.

Well. Hope for another announcement or two, but this E3 was... Not the best, but not the worst either.

Ret....ro? Sorry who is that?

Some cool guys from Texas last I heard! They made some awesome games once upon a time.

Tue Jun 12 18 01:02pm
Rating: 4 (Updated 2 times)

What a miserable presentation, it was little more than a Smash Bros direct.

Didn't show off any good Indies, only one interesting new third party game, no Yoshi, no Metroid, No Bayonetta 3, no sign of that supposed Star Fox Grand Prix... I sure as hell hope Starlink isn't the only Star Fox content in development.

First E3 I've let myself get hyped up for in years, never again.

That was BAD. I didn't have any expectations but it was so underwhelming. The only new game I recall Nintendo announcing was Mario Party...meh. Spent half the Direct on Smash Bros. They found their way around it being an out and out Wii U/3DS port, calling it Ultimate but you can see the Wii U version shining through. Practically no new 3rd party games.

I know Nintendo will have some surprises throughout E3 but they need something big after that dreadful showing. How have they managed this?

That Mech game from Marvellous Games looked crazy!

XC2 - Story DLC. Nicee

Mew is gonna sell that Pokeball Plus. PLP/E look lovely [for being GF's first HD Pokemon title]

Hi Fortnite. Lol. Might give it a go though, since it is free. Those leaks really took the wind out of that announcement.

SSB Ultimate looks sweet as!
That more Classic Zelda look, and Pokemon Trainer, Wolf and Ice Climbers return!
Ugh at annoying Snake returning...
Glad to see they're changing up the long running characters, streamlining FS' and adding an array of facial expressions
Ganondorf returning to his awesome OoT look
Oh, does Palultena actually have a moveset now? That'd be nice.
Echo Fighters, eh. Yes. Finally put those clones somewhere else.
Squid Sisters AT is ace
Gamecube Controller. For those that just can't let go...
It's Ridley [and he gutted Mario!!] Playable after all the memes!
It's coming out much later than I'd have imagined tho

That all said, I am a little surprised [although not completely as Treehouse Live still remains to come, and NDs come every few months] that we didn't get anymore on Yoshi, Switch Online or teasers of 'MP4', AC and the supposed SFGP, like most have mentioned.

Was expecting a one last thing, but Ridley ended the Direct...

Ugh at annoying Snake returning...

Didn’t you like his codec calls in Brawl?

Can’t wait to hear his new ones in Ultimate, especially Ridley!

It was a good direct for what it was. We had an opportunity to see:
Fire emblem

Nintendo basically lined up the rest of the year for switch. I think what hurt the direct for gamers is the fact we knew about the heavy hitters in advance. There were no real surprises and the way they presented surprises like Ridley was to little fanfare.

Furthermore Nintendo did not address major concerns such as online, third parties, and future releases.

I really liked the look of Daemon X Machina.

I am, however, pretty stunned that they didn't mention online, Netflix/YouTube, 3DS, their older games library, a potential N64 Classic, third-party support, or even nod at any of the other games in the "coming soon" roster.

There's still a few more days. All of that could change.

Honestly they could have just showed Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3 andI would have been very happy with the presentation. But they didn't. In the end, that was underwhelming but ther was Smash 5 and it looks phenomenal.

Tue Jun 12 18 02:43pm
(Updated 1 time)

Smash is this E3's "only showing Zelda, also here's Pokemon".

Overall, decent show. MS very much ran away "winning" this year, though.

It really seems like MS have learned from their mistakes with the launch of the Xbox One. And that makes me happy. Very so. We need them all to compete. It will benefit us gamers in the end.

Nintendo, Squeenix and Sony were underwhelming, but not bad. I guess we were hoping for more. Smash looks great, though... Bethesda and EA on the other hand...

The screen sharing tech used in Super Mario Party is from the patents that were discovered earlier.



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